Thursday, November 27, 2008

Upcoming Project

Another "not-so-secret-project" of mine !!! It's already in-progress as we speak now. About 50% complete. The most complicated part is the uniform cuz of the complicated pattern. Not so much a problem if it's in 1:1 scale but it's 1:6 scales so it's far more .... ugh~~~

I haven't taken any pictures yet.. 

So let's play some guessing games - see if you can guess who he is !!!

Hint: He's a character in a very famous series of Capcom survival horror flick. Scheduled to appear in few months in PS3 system. ^^

So here's what I did so far, far from over !!! muahahaha



TeeCare said...

Hohoho~~~ I can guess it jor~~ Dam classic horror game~ I still like the most original n the oldest episode 1~~~

The game not release the 1/6 areadi bash by u~~ geng~~ Hahaha


haha, i'm just bored cuz nothing to bashed and sold out most of my extra parts.. looking forward to break up my bashed figs and re-bashed into something new.