Thursday, December 18, 2008

ME on the PRESS

note that the 2nd picture should be creditted to Hangmen as those are his collections

hahaha, not exactly a hot topic but I'm proud that my hobby that I'm really into it finally get acknowledgements and media coverage.

During the HobbyCon '08 held in Komplex Asia City (KAC) on the 6th & 7th Dec 2008, I was interviewed but not knowing that she's a journalist. She was asking few questions about where I get my collections and how long I was into this hobby.

I wasn't aware that she was actually interviewing until she finally take out her notepad and start noting my every single words I've just said. Luckily I didn't go "gangsta" on my 'engrish' (yeap yeap PUN intended)

The article was published on 7th December 2008 on New Sabah Times. I wasn't aware of the article until I arrived to the event venue where Julian (aka the notorious Sotong in CSP) came waving the cut-out article in-front of me while I'm setting up my booth for the event.

Minutes later, my bro Clarence came with the newspaper telling me "Dude, you're on paper you f**ker !!!". Wasn't sure what's my reaction that time but oh well - at least my (and Hangmen) collections, time and money that we've invested did attracted some attentions.


Hangmen said...

LOL they forgot to credit the man in SWAT gear standing right next to the booth for the second picture. ;_;

IRTeA said...

oh waw
grats nerdpride heheh
but poor hangmen.. aww..
maybe the journalist thought he's a real 1/1 scale figure

maslight said...

LOL hangmen~

anyways congrats dood XD

yay~ lets get more ppl XD