Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shunya Yamashita - CANAL

CANAL (aka Ka-na-ru) is a Shunya Yamashita's famous art illustration of various fantasy-x-sexy interpretation. His work was featured in Final Fantasy X (some NPC & weapons) as well as few online games such as Depth Fantasia

Shunya Yamashita's original artwork of Canal
Finally a release by Lilics. 


After all the hype and hu-has of this figure release. I was again stuck with mix-feelings. Happy too have her in my harem but it wasn't what I expected.

The sculpting was spot-on Shunya's work but some how the paint-job isn't too appealing.

The skin tone is tad too reddish. Perhaps the original sculptor wanted to reflect the shyness of being baring too much skin and the provocative pose.

Shadings and highlights on the figure too have few flaws. Not too obvious at least. 

The base provided - another joke. The pin on the base too far apart to fit the figure. Lucky enough that the figure able to stand on its own. 

Overall, I wasn't THAT impressed with this figure but still she will remain in my harem collection of Shunya Yamashita works.

This maybe my only non-cast-off-able PVC figure I had for the past 3 months 


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