Monday, January 19, 2009


After the pictures and some gayness - I think you should have the rough image of how each figure performes.

A short history lesson here - well to make it brief, TRIAD, an American company which specialize on 1/6 (sixth scale apparel) action figures. Noteably their "Triad Style" designs which normally sellout products !!!. 

While Hot Toys (aka HT) being the "Chief" in 1/6 universe. Start off in Hong Kong - developing sophisticated 1/6 action figures with the support of local talents and off-shore from KOREA.


There's bunch of label and brand out there which produces quality articulated bodies such Soldier Story, BBi, ACE and DiD - just to name a few. Each of them had their own strenghts and weaknesses. 

But here, we have TRIAD - the new comer - versus the Hot Toys - giant that stomping around the 1/6 scenes. A David vs Goliath if you must.

On this simple test/review, Hot Toys Truetype (Limited version) against TRIAD Omega (hispanic ver.) are used.

Let us look at the articulations of each body here. As advertised, HT Truetype boosted with their 38 points of articulations meanwhile TRIAD Omega only advertised on a 35 points of articulations. *citation needed*

Rumors are indeed true that TRIAD Omega are slightly taller than of HT Truetype body. An obvious difference of the figure are the neck joint. Such joint on TRIAD Omega are a welcome sight for 1/6 customizers around the globe as it maybe perform hard position such as prone (for sniper) or crouching (ducking or sneaking pose). Previously, such pose require extensive mod on figure available. Even HT Truetype can't perform such pose (unless modded). 

During the test, I noticed that the hands and feet are inter-switchable between the two brand. Unfortunately, the head can't be swap. TRIAD head can be swapped with BBi heads as they have the same neck pin/joint, but with a small modifications on the BBi head. TRIAD's neck pin/joint can't be remove. I've learned my grave mistake. Again, newer Soldier Story head can be fitted on TRIAD Omega too.

Point's are deducted on TRIAD Omega as they do not have shoulder movements. While HT Truetype gain the points but notoriously famed with the "Michael Phelp" shoulder. TRIAD Omega still with the old BBi G1 design on the shoulder, frankly speaking - it doesn't impress much.

Quality wise, TRIAD Omega not really close with HT. Many collectors/customizers are abit skeptical about TRIAD Omega as it was co-produced with the now-almost-defunct Sea International. After a few pose and play-around with TRIAD Omega body, it shows sign of loose joints and it barely stand on itself anymore. Another major factor was their previous release of OTAKU series where, QC was horrible and alot collector/customizers fall prey (including myself)

Headsculpt - as if compared with HT Truetype, TRIAD Omega kinda won my vote here, but not with the "Hispanic" version. The hair part was made of velcro. What I've seen on the other versions, Caucasian and AA is pretty good. HT headsculpt will only bloom in the full regular boxset, not in their nude body offers but still better than regular brand such as BS,SS and so forth.

End of the day, if you wanna choose a body which is sturdy. HT is your ticket to heaven. But if your looking to bash a sniper on prone position and do not wanna mod to achieve your desire pose, TRIAD Omega is your golden nugget.

As for me, dynamic poses I will go fot TRIAD while if bashes not involve too many pose -  Hot Toys Truetype is the answer.....but of course there are other alternatives for bodies. You just need to research more into it.


TeeCare said...

Hohoho~` thanx for nice comment n review on both body~~ So now i more understand which I should go for~~ Hahhaa

Mas Light said...

There's some serious gheyness here

NERDPRIDE aka crazychildren said...

glad i could help and point out each strength and weakness for both figure.

Yeap, gayness indeed. But depends on which perspective your looking from ^^