Monday, March 2, 2009

G.I. JOE Snake Eyes (ver. NeRD)

as far as I can remember it. GI JOE was my favorite American cartoon right after Thundercats. I was still pretty much a toddler when keep shouting my "battle-cry"- YO JOE !!!! Pretty silly if you think back but not so silly anymore when I started this project.

I couldn't recall any other character of the show aside then this Snake Eyes and Commander Cobra. 

Snake Eyes is still my fave. RAH (Real American Heroes). It's been a dream of me to create a 1/6 size figure ever since I started this hobby. 

It wasn't easy to find suitable parts especially the famous visor and a tight fitting shirt. It was out of sheer luck that I stumble a thread in OSW, debating about an ebayer "7toys7" MIA and setup their online webshop. I was browsing through their products and found the perfect shirt that finally kick start my Snake Eyes project. 

Seems like alot of work but it isn't. I had been collecting suitable parts for this project since like forever. While waiting for the shirt and other parts to arrive. I scratchbuilt my own version of Snake Eyes visor.

I was thinking what kind of material to use and build the visor. Alas, my recycle hormones kicks-in and I tried using those transparent plastic laying around my workshop. After looking-through few Snake Eyes customs from around the net. I decide to make my visor an outward "V"-shaped. This gives an modernise look while retaining Snake Eyes trademarked visor image.

Took me 2 full day just to get the visor to look rite. That's wasn't easy and my hand was covered with layers of super-glue.

The sword was just a temporarily things as I'm gonna rebuilt one with the same method I did on the visor. The so-called Walther gun or SMG was from CG Girl Harley. pretty niffty eh ?

The black pants from Very Hot and the black boots from Toycity WW2 German Jumper boots.

The armbands was sewn by myself using left over nylon straps and belts. The spikes are cut-out from toothpicks paint to silver using Gundam Markers.

The base body is from Hot Toys Truetype while the headsculpt hidden under the balaclava from VeryHot Bruce Willis.

The sword holder pack was from Hot Toys RAMBO arrow pouch while the sidearms are from Dragon and the holster are from Hot Toys. Kneepads and ammo dropleg mag pouch are from VeryHot while glove hands from Hot Toys.

That's pretty much the breakdown of parts.

YO JOE !!!!


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