Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1/6 Leather Boots Shopping ?

I guess alot of new 1/6 citizens/collectors/customizers alike wondering what type of leather boots out there in the markets and what of those differences. To celebrate my blog which hit 10,000hits - Here's a special review on 6 brands that I current have in my footlockers.

Of course,as mentioned - they're all in 1/6 scales that manufactured to mimic the real thing for your 1/6 action figures.

Below are 6 pairs of boots which are currently used by real life modern forces. There are more boots alike that I have not acquired and this review focus mainly "TAN" or desert color modern boots.

1. Dragon in Dream (DiD) - ACU Modern Gear Set
2. Hot Toys (HT) - PMC '07 LE Edition
3. Toyriffic - Carded set
4. ACE Workshop (ACE) - SEAL TEAM 10
5. Toy Soldier (TS) - SEAL TEAM Rifleman A'stan - 5 Anni Ver. set
6. Soldier Story (SS) - USMC MSOB set

DiD , ahh - my favourite leather boots of all time !!! I know review shouldn't be bias but this just my personal opinion. Being the smallest among 6 boots in this review. The size are spot-on on a 1/6 action figure. Modelled after Altama® Desert military spec. I'd say DiD did a fine job.

My only grip is that it's kind of fragile compare to others. The fast lace system doesn't seems to be working as the real stuff. You'll need to be careful fitting them. The leather used here are thin so it doesn't look bulky as of other brands. Highly recommended !! (if you still can find it)

Toy Soldier - an underdog among 1/6 branding, but the products always end with a bang (both way - good and bad). Here's a boot which we rarely seen in the market now. Quality is superb. I'd say the mimic on this boots are the best. The fast-lace system actually works.

Only dismay is the laces are abit too short - enough to tie a knot but not really enough to make layers on hoops like the real thing.

Quality is great on this one. Leather used are thin material so it won't look bulky.

The giant of all 1/6 branding - Hot Toys. It's ultra rare to acquire a leather boots from them. They usually come only with Special or Limited Edition boxset releases. Another boots which model after the Altama® Desert military spec. The one and only boots that have weathring applied under the soles.

No complain on this one. Hope HT will release more of them in their coming military sets.

An almost unknown brand out there - Toyriffic and I must say they did a terrrific job on this boots. Quality wise on par with the giant names out there.

But size wise, is tad abit bigger than other boots in this review. I'd say better suit on a well built type of guy for example the muscular bods of HT.

The most sort after leather boots of all time. Both east and west bashers prefer using this boots simply because it is closest to the real thing. Second largest boots in this reviews, so its suitable for a larger built body.

Sad to say this is not the best ACE boots yet. They helm the Panama (Jungle Boots) Soles series which no others able put up a fight.

A new kids on the block - Soldier Story. Being releasing alot set that pleases 1/6 military otakus (like me) since the absent of HT. They have been releasing different versions of leather boots. I choose this boots as it comes into the same or similar category as other boots in the review.

The shape and sizes are spot on for 1/6 scale. Quality wise, SS need to improve if they wanna fight for survival. This boots was average ok - but their previous release on SFOD-D was better - this was nodded among 1/6 bashers.

The fast-lace system works wonder. The material used on this boots is great. The details are excellent. But inconsistence bootcraft kinda disappointing.


TeeCare said...

Good Review there!! So far I only hv Toyriffic n DID HT as well, but I haven't try all of them yet. So is good reference here~~ hehehe
p/s: Mine Toyriffic ver is same as yours d o.. onli in black

Tay Hwah said...

come on nerdpride, bring out the Soldier Story boots

NERDPRIDE aka crazychildren said...

hahaha..knew someone gonna notice the missing of SS. Which if why i never broadcast it all over the world bout this article.. halfway typing the "Grammar impaired" reviews.. then only realize, where the hell is Soldier Story !!!!

NERDPRIDE aka crazychildren said...

Soldier Story boots up !!

Anonymous said...

thx for the review. It clearly helps alot