Sunday, May 10, 2009


Possibly my last attempt on Special Forces before I've jumped into the SEAL bandwagon few months back. This bash was sitting out cold simply because I don't have the right parts and ideas to finish him up. 

Finally, after so long of bash and re-bashing. I can finally close the chapter on him for good. Did some C-Grade movie poster style to give him some nudge and shot tonnes of images of him for the whole day. For now- let's just enjoy the pics- comments and critics always welcome.



Base body : BBi G3 (mod & padded)
Headsculpt : HT PMC '07
Hands : Soldier Story
Gloves : Soldier Story SFOD-D
Feet : BBi
Leather Boots : DiD (ACU Uniform Set)
Uniform : ACE (mod)
Shemagh : HT NSW Mk43 Gunner 
duty belt : Toy Soldier
MOLLE Recon vest : HT MEF II
MBSS Backpack : HT MEF II
Fanny pack : HT MEF II
Pouches : HT (mix & match)
Grenade pouches : HT
40mm Grenades : BBi
Dump pouch : ACE
Kneepads : Soldier Story (EOD)
Dropleg mag pouch : HT PMC '07 LE
M4 w/203 Grenade launcher : HT SF Sniper SE
M4 mags x 10 : Soldier Story
M9 pistol w/ holster : HT
M9 pistol clip : Soldier Story
D-ring Carabiner : VHT
chem-light stick : VHT
Sunglasses : HT
wrist watch : Soldier Story
flag patch : Toy Soldier


Samuel said...

he kinda remind me on someone. Can't really recall it but its a nice figure , nicely done.

NERDPRIDE aka crazychildren said...

i think it was Kurt Russell from the movie "THE THING"

Anonymous said...

love the photshopped images