Saturday, May 30, 2009

SpecFigure Vol.4

Finally the released of the much anticipated "mook" [Magazine + Book] which some regards as the holy bible of the 1/6 customization world. Maybe I overly exaggerated but indeed it is a great copy and also a must have for each and every 1/6 military enthusiasts. Although this is a Japanese magazine but this won't stop us outside from JAPAN to get this baby on !!!

Scheduled released in Japan on 22nd May 2009 and finally arrived my hand on the 29th May 2009. I was so hyped up and excited to check this copy out !!!

This issues focuses on the US ARMY in "General" from the ERA of "WW2" until now - the on-going Iraq and Afghanistan war. Compared to previous issues (Vol2. & Vol.3) this time around skecthes of military gears and equipments are used instead of 1:1 presentations.

Figures on this issues are mostly accompanied by dioramas. This give the figures a more lively presentation rather a static poses with a plain white background.

Customization this time comes with more pictorial images which help us understand easily for those who can't read Japanese.

Brand introductions and their recent releases too made a new entrance on Vol.4. What missing in this issue is Team Bashes / Team build which usually feature a huge dioramas and a squad. (Spec2 featured SFOD, Spec3 featured SEALCQC). But this replaced by few single dioramas which are mind-blowing and inspirational for us amateurs to learn and further enhance our bashing skills.

As heard of that femfig this time doesn't get much scope and again Gamisanjp work featured on this issues as well as Hiroki Hayashi's (featured the almost real like Street- Girl Side) now finally a Boy Side after 2 years of work.

Don't miss this issue as this will be a great addition to your collection. Below are sample of the work in SpecFIGURE 4. Support then on buying this NOW !!! Your local Kinokuniya should have already in-stock by now. Check them NOW !!!

pictures were taken from the official website as reference, hence they were gray-scaled to protect the work of original artistes.

ISBN number of SpecFIGURE 4 is ISBN-10: 4894258781 
and ISBN-13: 978-4894258785

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