Friday, May 15, 2009

USMC 1st Reconnaissance Battalion

Been watching (re-watch) HBO's  mini series "Generation Kill". A true story of a  journalist/reporter from Rolling Stones (EvanWright) attached to the USMC 1st Recon Batt
Seeing the true sight of war. Destructions and innocence. He wrote on an article "The Killer Elite" then later a full descriptions of his experience in his best seller book "Generation Kill"

This maybe be a mini series on a on-going war on terror in Iraq, but from another point of view - at least from civilian side- it show the lack of co ordinations and planning during the beginning of the invasion but the US coalition forces. Improper equipments and lack of supplies and ignorance of commanding officers as well as hidden qualities of trusted officers.

Despite the critic reviews and responds from the authorities especially the US ARMY on this series / book. Generation Kill received much applaud and achieved some fan base.

Here I am bashed a figure inspired by the "pitbull" of 1st recon batt. It isn't any character in the show or real life. A fictional character if you must say. I had this figure completed few months back. Nothing rework, but just some re-shot of pictures and finally updated the parts break down which I've used to bash this figure.

Surprisingly, this is one of my prized bashed figure. I've been bashing over 60+ figures and this is among the TOP 10 prized bashes on my list.

Parts break down:-

Base Body - Hot Toys
Headsculpt - DiD (Albert Ross)
Hands - BBi (modded)
Boot feet - Hot Toys
MOBB suit - Hot Toys (actually winter bdu)
Flak vest - Dragon
Helmet - Soldier Story
NVG mount - Hot Toys
Goggles - Hot Toys
Goggles dust cover - hand made
Mag pouch - Toy Soldier
M16 mags x 4 - Dragon
Canteen w/ pouch - Toy Soldier
Misc pouch - Hot Toys
Duty Belt - unknown
Gas Mask pouch - Dragon (modded)
Knee pad - Very Hot
Radio - Very Hot
radio pouch - Toy Soldier (a M4 mag pouch actually)
M16A2 w/ 203 G/launcher - Hot Toys
M9 pistol - Saturday Toys
M9 pistol holster - Saturday Toys

Accessories : 
* sunglasses - Hot Toys
* D-ring - Very Hot
* multi-plier - Soldier Story
* torchlight - Hot Toys
* wrist watch - Hot Toys (repainted)
* chem-light sticks - Hot Toys
* zip ties - 1:1 hardware
* armor plates - Hot Toys


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Samuel said...

It was a great show and you have a good figure here. Keep it coming man.

James Lee said...

look so real. Good show too.

NERDPRIDE aka crazychildren said...

thanks guys - was and still one of my fave bash till now.

JOSE MARIA said...

Hello. Really great bash. I´ve been looking for the material needed to do one like this....but you need the HOT TOYS USMC 23RD REGIMENT SNIPER figure (WOODLAND PCU), and nowadays it´s very expensive.
Great one and keep up your good work.-