Sunday, August 23, 2009

War Journalist

My first non-military related bash on a war zone personnel. A war journalist released by yet another almost unknown "out of the blue" Chinese company Toy Master. A very controversial company indeed as the headsculpt was originally sculpted by Feng Studio which he claimed never authorized his work on this release. Plagiarism and copyright issue exist everywhere eh ?

This set received mix review from boards all over the world. I myself find it pretty good, but giving the price (USD90) I think it ain't everyone cup-of-tea.

It comes with tonnes of gadgets
- laptop,
- camera with 3 sizes of lens,
- cellphone with wireless headset,
- sunglasses,
- mineral water bottle,
- wrist watch
- bracelet
- a huge camera sling bag
- ID tag.

The clothing come on these set kinda average. Not your expected high quality stuff made by huge brand like Hot Toys or Soldier Story. I've swapped the vest with a Very Hot vest with actually look better but rather oversized.

I switched the boots as well,their weathering - hideous. So, I've opted for a DML boots.
I've swapped the camera bag with a Hot Toys 3-days backpack which look much more suitable for a war zone reporting.

Let's focus on the head sculpt. It was a pretty good job recast/remold someone else work and with added eye rotating system. The paint job rather bland, so I've repainted the headsculpt with my own flavor and changed his hair color as well.

The base body basically a BBi G3 bods with a very irritating flaw. Uneven length of legs. YEAP, you heard me rite !! Recently these unofficial BBi G3 have such issues. So a "ten-hut" position is near impossible. You're warned !!!

overall, I'd give it a 6.5 /10 for (not so) ingenuity releases. FYI, I'm a generous person.

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