Monday, September 22, 2008

First Blood [blog]

Well, was talking to a fellow [net] friend. Seeing how [people] actually blog nowadays and to the extend involve government interventions and create such a "hu-ha" over some "sensitive" matters. So I decide to start-up a blog ~~~ duh ~~~

Purpose of this blog ain't about my daily life or to "bitch" things, but rather to share & showcase [aka show-off] stuff.

My passion for 1/6 figs really burn a huge hole on my wallet and gave countless strokes on my credit card bills.

So here to showcase some of my recent works first.. argh.. [anyway if any of you actually read all this means the pictures should be loaded by now, else get a better connection FO_SHOW ~~~]

doesn't he remind you of someone... yippe ka yay motherf*cker

this is call Tyncorp PMC [multicam] nerdpride ver.

abit review on this one... this set [uniforms and gears] are made by the notorious knockoff-kers in China call Veryhot and somehow they name it CBT now [don't ask me why].

Their product and QC usually below par. But this set actually see some improvement and frankly, I love it.

For, you non-military geek out there. PMC means - Private Military Contractors... or better known as "gun for hire" or mercenaries - in a legal way of course. I ain't history professor, wanna know more go wiki it !!!

Multicam on the other hand means it a type of camouflage design to be effective in "most" sort of terrain. But its proven not effective inside my bathroom [don't get me started with it]. Ironically, it was not chose by the notorious dude of the STATES but instead they chose ACU [Advance Combat Uniform] again, wiki if u wanna know more. Multicam was featured on silverscreen on the movie TRANSFORMERS. Maybe from then they get all the hype. It was also feature on the game Ghost Recon: Advance War [aka GRAW].

Enough of that, if you again read all the crap i spent 5 mins typing and still pictures doesn'y load. Go jump off yourown ass and crush your modem.

Moving on...

this is a VBSS [visit,board,search and seizure]. This dude a present day Jack Sparrow nightmare [pun intended]. Well actually all pirates [terrorist included] nightmare.

Was one of my early work and one of the more accurate bash I made so far.

now something for the perv -

haha.. not really. I do femfigs too. Actually I started off with femfigs before venturing into make-believe military figures [again pun intended]. If you have watch the anime Black Lagoon, she one of my favourite character, "Revy". Come on, babes with guns - doesn't that turn you on. [in which case Pamela Anderson doesn't]. This fig is my most prized I ever made.

I'm tired now. Till next time I start typing again. So stay tune

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