Friday, September 26, 2008

Some more *ummph*

So, here we are again with me gonna post more pictures of my "children".
Surprisingly, I'm so in the mood to do some nice pictures (though still very amateur) !!!
Without further a-do , let's do it !!!!

First off, sort of like a family portrait shoot-up. LOL ^^
my boys from the previous post [if you've been following up till now although this is just my second post ~ DUH ~~~]

Have yet come up with their names and backgrounds. Hey, if there's any reader out there, feel free to enlighten me here abit.

next we have another PMC. This time, I bashed this figure based on the popular cult game "Metal Gear" on the 4th installment "Metal Gear Solid 4: Son of the Patriots". Supposedly, he's just run-of-the-mills bad guys.

Ok~ok~ok, too much guys dose. Let us switch to my feminine side a-little. Here, currently my fave femfigs. All black sniper with skimpy outfits. Man I wish she can be real just for a-little. *hand inside my pants*


Back to guys again. WHAT !!! Come on, I said my feminine side a-little, not much !!! OK, previously I had post a VBSS guys. This is just a post-up pic of his partner of justice !!!


FINE !!! No guys no babes - Now we venture abit into mechas !!! Boys will be boys, I still can recall those days after school rush back just to watch those cartoons on TV. YEAH BABY !!! TRANSFORMERS !!!! The red one obviously Optimus Prime and the white one his hold twin Ultra Magnus. This little action figure stand around 11cm tall made by a Japanese toy maker Kaiyodo on the Revoltech lines. Pretty niffty I'd say. Although pose and articualations are indeed limited, but some simple poses sure can juice em' up eh ??


Another cartoons or ANIME of by childhood. Macross !!! Yeap - that's what you white people call if Robotech !!! Believe it or not , this little plane - which by-the-way can't transform like it supose to be in the ANIME - took me almost 1 month to complete it. Every single details, parts and decals need to be done slowly. If patience ain't your virtue. FORGET IT !!!

Next stop we have another famous ANIME mecha the RX-78 Gundam, the grandfather of all GUNDAM currently or ran before. Among all the Gundam design out there, RX-78 [this version are modernized RX-78 One Year War ver.] always stay my favorite. Not much picture eh ? Well, don't worry more to come, if I'm not lazy - muahahahahahaha

that's all folks. Till then.


Tay Hwah said...

wahhh u got alot of cloth boots!!! Which brand huh? the shape looks berry nice.

crazychildren said...

hehe, those if not mistaken from DID. I think OSM too was selling them. But I got from my own supplier from HK.