Saturday, September 27, 2008

1/6 Bendable Hand Tutorial

Moons ago where I posted "here"

so I think I should re-post it again. ~yeayea~ I'm out of idea to post something new.

Here's my 1st ever tutorial in 1/6 hobby. If I cause confusions - too bad - you just have to live with it.. lolz :twisted: 

Here goes. Thanks to a fellow member here thought me the trick of doing this. IVAN *respect*

Ever get frustrated when you beautiful bendy hand can't hold you weapon sturdy and often fell off when you wanna pose with your "BIG" guns !!!???!!!

Here's a simple solution to ease your pain and strike more pain to your figs [will emphasize this later]

- First off you need a stapler loaded with [ammo/bullet/clip or whatever you call it] , wire bender/plier, nail clipper and a bendable hand of course !!!

In this tutorial i used a Hot Toys (TM) Truetype Bronze Body Bendable Hand

- Then, unload a single staple clip like so [shown on the pics below] 

This method is an easier to unload a clip rather trying to etch off from the full-lot of the stapler magazine

- You will get a clip exactly shown on the picture below. This will let you bend the clip into a straight wire-like object. 

- Now, hold the staple clip with a plier/wire bender.

Please use your own logic on how to make this straight. 

Now here's the painful process I mentioned before.

Poke your bendy finger with your already made staple-clip wire as shown on the pic. Do not rush and take your time enjoy the torturous process on your bendy finger. Bit by bit, slowly and poke it deeper and deeper. Until your staple-clip wire all the way inside the finger.

Oh-no !!! First timer usually face this problem that the stapler-clip wire often poked out half-way of the finger [if this did not happened on you on your 1st try - it's call beginner's luck]. No sweat !!! Just pull it out slowly and poke it again. Just make sure you keep you bendy finger straight during this surreal process. 

Ouch -  we have exit wound. 'fraid not - just repeat the process again.

Once the staple-clip wire all the way in. Test you bendy finger simply by bending it [the logical direction of course] There should be a bit of excessive bit of the wire left on the tip of your bendy finger. Don't worry - just use the nail clipper and nip it off !!! 

wire all in

bend it the logic way - need it remind you ?

Nip the excessive wire away.

Repeat the same process to all the remaining fingers and you're DONE
-Don't worry about the mark on the bendy hand, once you gloved it. It'll hide it well...


Some may ask, what if I'm using fingerless gloves or just simply yet - bare hand.
Here's the alternative method.

You still apply the same rule on making the wire straight. Just the poking in different way.
Start the poking from your bendy band palm all the way up toward your finger.

**CAUTION** Remember not to "over-poked" else this method will be in vain.

Incase you think your bendy finger not stiff enough. Just apply the wired again.

Tutorial and pic by Nerdpride
Special thanks to Ivan and OSM

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