Saturday, September 27, 2008

Famous faces in 1/6 figures [playscale, 12" ,sixthscale]

So, I've been boasting my collections and taking pictures amateurish [yet so professionally~~chey].

Seeing their headscuplt [that's face and head for you outfielder], makes you wonder who the heck are they !!! 

Apparently they are famous faces we [most of us] know !!!

Let's start off with a guy that his wife made him like a doll dress him up she deem fit whenever his not in his uniform or recently just an underwear !!!

The 1/6 figures I bashed. A British SAS during the 80s & 90's [it's like their US counterpart SWAT]. Apparently too, HK SDU was modelled after them. Not exactly surpised since Hong Kong was under British jurisdiction until 1997. Need I say more who's face my figure was after ? If you still have no idea, you must have just woke up from your cyrostatis slumber. It's David Beckham of course. As much as I adore and worship Manchester United [hell yeah !!!]. This fella wasn't in my worship list in Man.U.

Next we have a guy which, well I like all his movies and his in-famous tagline in Die Hard franchise. "Yippie Kay Yay Motherfucker"
Yeap, does resemble abit don't ya think ?? I was supposely to make a figure dedicate to the movie "Tears of the Sun".  There is a release of his fig, officially. Just that I couldn't get my hands on one of those cuz it's limited and far out of reach. Damn those white peeps !!! [FYI, I ain't black either]. So - repeat after me "Yippie Kay Yay Motherfucker"

Moving on,

Most unlikely many people know him. He's was famous even I was even born. A charming guy of his day. A rebel grunt that put his image on the list. Much like Brad Pitt started off early in his carrier.
He's non other than James Dean. An actor which get the ladies of his days melt. Too bad he died of an early age in an accident. RIP

That's just some of the famous faces/headscuplt done on the 1/6 figure world and there are actually tonnes out there which almost sound illogical to name them one by one. Let's just say, recent famous people [mostly male - yeayea, it's sexist] from recent blockbuster movies are likely to be in it. Just a general idea for you.


Coming up next: a sneak preview on my re-make project.


crave said...

You should have a look at this link:
You will get pro picture in no time.


crazychildren said...

thx bro..will have a look.. maybe just my lights got powderful enuff.. thx for dropping by anyway