Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just another day , another post

Dear you all, ain't that I'm bored or something. Is just that I've clean my room [and myself]. Made myself a nice sandwish and feed my pet dog. Seriously what else can I do beside type a few words and some pics here [lucky you].

I've been visiting few blogs around. Notice that most of them either post something about their daily life which eventually no one really care unless it'll turn out something like a "Truman Show" or they just simply post some videos from "youtube" and whore about it !! What's the big deal anyway ?

If that video ain't made by me. No way I'm gonna post it. But well, those are just "people" all sort of kind and versions out there eh ?

So, today I'm start off with something other than 1/6,, hehe lucky you said ? Well don't count on it !!

Yeap, another Revoltech line [in which case it's Fraulein series]. This too little cutey from the cult anime series Evangelion. White cutey is Rei Ayanami and the red babe is Asuka Langley. Actually I'm not really this anime fans. I can't even understand their plot of the series. Yet the made such a "hu-ha" over this anime. I guess it just ain't my cup of tea eh ?

Next up, 1/6 again ~dun dun dun~

here we have a US Army 10th Mountain Division. Mostly accurate on detail that I rarely make.
Again, this ain't woodland uniform instead it is ACU [advance combat uniform] google it if you wanna know more.

There you go folk, I'm sleepy and I'm waiting for my new cabinet here. ^-^

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