Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ok, seriously -  I have already running out of idea of what title for each of my post so from now on, just ignore the title cuz it'll make no sense at all. 

Finally gave my weblog a revamp/ facelft wateveryoucallit !!! Still on early stages of this thing - HECK come on !!!! I'm still new on this blog thing - cut me sum slack will ya ??

So finally watched the end of Macross Frontier. Pretty niffy and ain't that shabby. Downloaded few of the OST. My gf started to ask me why the sudden change of music taste from senseless psychopatic headbangin' to high' on hellium pitched voice J-pop. Well, beat the shit out of me. HAHA - She don't know me 25 years ago that I'm a sicko fan of Macross. *Gasp* A slight hint of my age there. *wink* Fuck - all this Ranka cuteness is already infecting me !!! Even as I type all this crap, the music and songs are playing on the background.

I really like the ending, knowing it's abit lame - but still compared to my recent marathon of anime with all the sad stupid dumb ending. This one is consider good enough for me. At least the two chicas didn't end dead [of course one of them soon]

Huge mecha fight always the best part don't you think ?

Ok, enough of my cuteness !!! [which I am, sad for you].

I manage to get hold a copy of PSP Ikkitousen : Eloquent Fist. Seriously, what's wrong with the "over used" of the title. I have no idea at all so don't ask me. It's just a straight up beat 'em up game like those in the arcades much like the days of Final Fight. If you never heard of Final Fight - please don't call yourself a gamer and dig your own hole and bury yourself. *Hint* Google it yourself for more !!!

I'm always a fan of this anime series. Not only it's funny and graphically my taste - but its also distinctively involved my fave Chinese history of "Romance of the Three Kingdom".

OKOKOKOK, FINE !!! I admit it !!! Its the boobies !!!! But seriously - This anime ain't that hard to absorb unlike the over-rate cult anime like Evangelion.

But if you don't do some research [in my case - Wikipedia always works wonder] you will have a very hard time to differenciate characters with the original historically characters. WHY you asked ? That's because it's Japanese and of course they'll use Japanese translated names. Although in Kanji - you'll still be able to read in Chinese since its still the same. Once they're in Japanese you'll get confused BIG TIME !

screenshot taken from pspfanboy

As I said, its a beat 'em up genre with a twist of stories [and alots of tear 'em up boobies - heck yeah!! thats the reason I bought this game !!!] FYI, this also my first original game on my PSP. So???!?? - Bite me !!!!

Ok, next up !!! Can't really end my naggin' and bitchin' without some 1/6 dosage eh ?? That's the reason you stop by here rite ??

Well, I finally able to finish up my Special Force Team [which I still have no name and backdrop story for them yet]

Finally the final members are ready to report for duties. Currently, I'm thinking for their names and each histories. Lotsa to think about - gotta stop my hentainess for a while *opps* did I think it out load?

not bad eh ?? Too bad, its mine !!!

My current on-going project on 1/6 figures of course!!
1. Navy Seal - Desert Tiger 
2. Metal Gear Solid 3 - Naked Snake
3. Metal Gear Solid 2 - Sniper Wolf *smexy* !!!!
4. Generation Kill inspired USMC 1st Recon - Go watch it, damn nice !!!


NOW PLAYING : Macross Frontier O.S.T.1 Nyan FRO.

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Franklin said...

Hey Crazychildren, I'm looking forward to seeing the Metal Gear Solid figures!

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Franklin Keane
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