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NSW Forces - Desert Tiger

So, after much awaited (if you actually do). As promised, my NSW Forces - Desert Tiger finally done with pictures to spare !!! I knew (some) you guys don't actually read through all my crap. So I'll post more pictures just on this little fella alone. So enjoy - Will try to explain in details are we go with the pictures.

First off, NSW - stands for Naval Special Warfare or sometimes known as SPECWARCOM and NAVSOC.  

They do pretty much from recon job to up front attack. Judging from the name given, the are of course a detachment of the US Navy and part of the US Special Operation Command (USSOCOM).

Often people confused of them to Navy SEALs. Although they came from the same branch, but their function differently. They are more into tacticals and precision strikes. While SEALs often engage on the frontlines.

Still they are pretty much a rough-up grunt with plenty of firepowers and tactical beyond other detachment forces.

OK!!! enough with the history, not that you care much bout it or I'm actually accurate with my facts... hahahas


Naval Special Warfare Command

Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM) was commissioned on 16 April 1987 at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, CA, and is the Naval component to the United States Special Operations Command headquartered in Tampa, FL.

The mission of Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command (COMNAVSPECWARCOM) is to prepare Naval Special Warfare (NSW) forces to carry out assigned missions and to develop maritime special operations strategy, doctrine, and tactics. COMNAVSPECWARCOM exercises operational control over all United States-based Naval Special Warfare Command training, operational control of all United States-based Naval Special Warfare forces and responsibility for the training, equipping, supporting, and providing trained and ready forces to the combatant commanders. The commander, Naval Special Warfare Command is a Navy Flag Officer, a Rear Admiral.

A tactical force with strategic impact, NSW mission areas include unconventional warfare, direct action, combating terrorism, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, information warfare, security assistance, counter-drug operations, personnel recovery and hydrographic reconnaissance. NSW forces can operate independently or integrate with other U.S. special operations forces or within U.S. Navy carrier battle groups and amphibious ready groups.

Naval Special Warfare units are organized, trained, and equipped to conduct special operations in maritime and riverine environments. They are deployed in small units worldwide in support of fleet and national operations. NSW provides an effective means to apply counterforce in conjunction with national policy and objectives in peacetime and across the spectrum of hostilities from peacetime operations to limited war to general war.

The major operational components of Naval Special Warfare Command include Naval Special Warfare Group ONE and Special Boat Squadron ONE in San Diego, CA, and Naval Special Warfare Group TWO and Special Boat Squadron TWO in Norfolk, VA. These components deploy SEAL Teams, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams and Special Boat Units worldwide to meet the training, exercise, contingency and wartime requirements of theater commanders. With approximately 5,000 total active-duty personnel--including 2,200 SEALs and 600 Special Warfare Combat Crewmembers (SWCC), and comprises less than one-tenth of one percent of U.S. Navy personnel.

fact provider : STALL STUFF from OSW
**thx bro**

I chose this setup to bash this time simply because there hardly anybody bashes them. At least its pretty rare to see any laying around. Recently Hot Toys release a NSW Forces Gunner with Russell Crowe headsculpt on it. Much to say I'm pretty disappointed with HT releases lately. Maybe they focused too much with their high-end MMS line while neglected the Army Men.

Ok back to our topic now.

enough feed of pictures ?? Told you I will shower you with them ain't I - but wait !!!

HERE's MORE !!!!

YEAP!! First time I'm this blog I actually featured a (MALE) real hair headsculpt. Well, not actually "Real" hair. 

Some customizer actually might have notice this bash sometimes ago. I was actually got the idea from that guy. SO, this ain't original as it is. But I must underscore this, our gear setup are totally different from each other. Enough said to prove myself.

More pictures and here we go !!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~

ugh~~~ I'm beat !! I guess you are too. Time for some tear 'em up on Ikkitousen: Eloquent Fist !!! yeeehaaa... boobies here I come.

Will edit this post with more details on the parts. Well, not that you actually care too.

ADDED ON 10th OCT 2008

Just realise this pic is freakishly life like !!!!


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