Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stroke Out !!!

Nope, it ain't a typo of "Strike Out" or you sleazy pervy perverson out there.. I'm not stroking my gear knob (at least not publicly *wink*)

As you (most of) knew that I constantly give my credit cards countless strokes. Finally the official bills came to my post-box. Heck, its really really thick this time. 

Then straight away my motto awaken me by saying "Money can always earn back !!"

Haiz, gotta part way with some stuff I had earlier. Sold few Gundam kits just to stay afloat in this cruel, money sucking 1/6 world. 

Finally I labeled myself as customizers rather than a collectors. At least for now. Too much loose parts at hand now. Need a few more to complete few more "children"

OKOK, enough blablablabla..blaber...

Let's move on to some pictures shall we ???

Let's start off with some sniper !

this dude was bashed based on the 1st Gulf War during the Iraq - Kuwait war. It's a USMC Scout Sniper. It was one of my earlier bash. Also one of my fave too. 

Jugding from the gears he equipped. It's simple and not too complicated unlike recent setup by other division. 

Usually these guys consist only 2-3 in a group. To avoid detection and swift movements. They don't usually engage in battle unless they were detected. Their roles were features on silverscreen "Jarhead".  


Next up!! SDU vs. SWAT

If your Asian, you should at least heard of Hong Kong S.D.U (Special Duties Unit). Earlier SDU units were highly influence by British SAS. no surprise there since HK (Hong Kong) was under British rule until 1997 (before handed over to China)

SDU widely gain popular outside of HK as few roles made famous by Michael Wong in few films.

No need much introduction on S.W.A.T. (Special Weapon and Tactics). If you really haven't heard of them, you must be a cave person or had just travelled ahead from the past !!!
Few years back, SWAT we're put into Hollywood reprised by Colin Farell. Samuel L Jackson and Michell Rodriguez and few others in a huge blockbuster movie titled S.W.A.T.

Like their other counterpart from around the world  such as SAS, GIGN and SDU (too name a few), and judging from their name, they are attached to the police forces to counter heavily armed and hardened crimes
Heavily armed unliked other police officers, they usually put themselves in line of danger and of course to avoid as much casualties as possible.

My bash (left SDU - right SWAT) are based on the casual mode. Unliked regular police troops/officers, they are sometimes called back for duties during their time off. Hence the regular civilian clothes they are wearing.


Too much guys dosage eh?

Well, don't sweat ~ I'm currently bashing an all ladies team. Black Angels. From the name given, of course they all black dressed (which is my fave color).

Here a completed 2 ladies I had. Initial planned team members was 6. But maybe will increase to 8 or 9 depend on my wallet allow. HEHE

Like my other bashes, I still haven't come up with their names and background stories yet. Care to share some lights here ?


Don't you ever wanted a french maid at you personal harem ?? HAHA, I knew you wanted that !! Just admit it !!!

Having a life size breathing french maid maybe be a fantasy for most of us. But here, I've bashed a 1/6 scale maid at my disposal. Of course she'll be assigned to the Black Angel team that I'm about to complete. So stay tune folks...


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