Wednesday, October 8, 2008


NO I'm not emo (well actually kinda). Life sucks without 1/6 dosage. ARGH !!!
Most of my parts ordered from evil-bay (figure out the real name yourself puyeeese) got lost in transactions or still on the way. 

It's like drugs in someway.

At least I knew that Very Hot CQB set that I've order will be sent tomorrow and will the receiving it by this coming Friday (which is the next day mind you)

So you readers out there (surprisingly there are !!) gonna have to wait till I have some pictures to post up !!!

The worst part is that I don't have anymore anime to catch on!!! OMIGOD !!!!

The only good thing is that I have Mythbusters for tonight. Yeah, I'm a geek !!! at least I'm knowledgeable and cool !!!

I guess I have to go back to my 24 marathon again. ugh~~~

More post on toys soon--

This is just a naggin' post !!!!


Now for the toy section.

As I've mentioned just now. Two smexy PVC Figure are enroute to my harem soon.
Since it's on the way, can't really do a review yet. But yet, here some pic I nabbed from the webby.

weeeeee... can't get my greeesy hand on them.

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