Friday, October 10, 2008

Macross Ace Frontier - PSP

Ah, the greatness and sweetness after I get my hand on this highly anticipated PSP title of the month. 

Right after the conclusion of the hyped Macross Frontier anime series, this doesn't stop the celebration on the 25th Year anniversary of Macross saga.

Macross Ace Frontier PSP which will consist of all the era from the Original series > Macross 7 > Macross Frontier > Macross Zero (and other spin-off series).

Developed by Bandai/NAMCO, this game mechanics highly replicates the Gundam Battle series. If you're already Gundam Battle series fans - playing this game wouldn't give much of a headache (unlike me)

But the graphic of this same are simply stunning. The best part is the soundtracks hidden in the game which require you to unlock it over period of battles and missions. This somehow motivate me to keep playing although I hate the game mechanics. (which is why I'm not a Gundam Battle series)

Some might wonder how a non-Japanese player like me able to mess around in the game. Well it's easy. Most of the major option and keywords are in English. Other than that, it's trial and errors. Only the major issues is the stats descriptions. 

all screenshot are taken from

Just looking at the screenshot enough to lure you into this eh ? 

I'm still learning the gameplay and mechanics of this game - So give it time before I can do a full review here.


1/6 Updates !!! EXTRA EXTRA


yeap, PLAYHOUSE a new rising sun did it again !!! Did what you said ? Well, to much of my excitements (and scream with pitch tone on high dosage of helium). They actually release something that flavor to (most) 1/6 customizers/collectors alike. Their recent project have came out with high control quality. 

The soon to come PMC set really an eye opener as most parts and pieces are usually hard to get on. Especially those shirts and and pants which rarely produced.

I myself already finding way to get these sets which fortunately my new local supplier said to me that he'll definately bringing in these sets. So I'm a happy man now ^^


all pictures are taken from OSW



It's my old work. In fact it was my first ever completed bash when I started off in 1/6 hell.
Will take some amateur [yet professional] pictorial shoots.




crave said...

Is it v-store or OSM bringing the PMC set in?


v-store bringing, just had a phone conversation wit them just now.. they are bringing in SS stuff too.. weee

crave said...

Just got their e-mail as well.Woo-hoo looking forward to SS Team 10 as dun haf any SS b4.


haha, aiming SS Seal 10 also leh.. me too. Their stuff not bad actually. Their based body similar to BBi G3.5 - Their bendable hand is just sweet !!!! Even their Molle straps are easier than HT - Best part they have load of extra mags !!! and top it all CHEAPER than HOT TOYS !!!!