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General perception of Black Ops are usually corvert or always in the dark. Well, can't blame that as most of what we see generally they dress and equipped in dark/black gears. (Damn you TV)

The recent released CIA SAD (Central Intelligence Agency : Special Activities Division) boxset by Soldier Story created a "hu-has" among 1/6 citizens. Again, this is because the rare release of Black Ops operatives figures by recent years. Back date releases was by ACE and Very Hot which featured SEALs Night Ops CQB (close quarter battle). Older than that was by BBi which consider ancient by 1/6 citizens

After some research (from wiki of course!) CIA SAD operatives actually does exist! Eventually they were renamed to National Clandestine Service. OKOK ~ no lessons today -  It's SUNDAY for cryin' out loud !!! 

Please google or wiki for more infos.

If you guys been following my "cock n' bull" articles, I did mentioned about aquiring a Very Hot CQB set. Well, honestly, its was my second set this time around. If really wanna know, VH CQB IS a really bad set. But for the price and with my extra parts laying around -  I'm pretty sure it'll ended up something eye catching (or candy)!!! The base body is a Hot Toys Truetype with some padding added on both the tight and on the abs.

For this bash -I've swapped some of the items namely the holster w/ pistols made by Hot Toys. A standard issued M9 with a lanyard attached. Original part from VH (Very Hot) serious hideous !!! From logic side - Black Ops don't really need flash-light attached to their pistol as they should be in the dark as much as possible. 

I've swapped the kneepads as well -  Not that the original wasn't good (yes, its still bad though), Material used to made abit too shinny (or glossy). Will take me sometime to un-glossed it (matte). Kneepad I used was from Soldier Story CIA SAD set.

Next stop is the gasmask pouch/ bag. It's the original part from VH but I restuffed it with cottons. It's so firm that it felt like 'breast" !! hahas

I've swapped the shotgun that came with the set. I chose this shotgun (from HT) because its the right size. VH tend to re-mold/re-cast parts from Hot Toys, and tend to be a little bit over-sized.

VH boots are utterly crap !! It's not the right size. It's plastic with hideous shoe lace. No sweat !!! DiD boots come to the rescue !! It's the right size and it smells good too !!!

AH~~ the key feature of this bash. Just my previous article, I've mentioned SCAR !!! So here it is -  a black one mind you !!!
Original rifle from this set was a knock-off recast/remold of Hot Toys M4 CQB rifle.
Here I've swap it with MiL SCAR which look nice with this set. wwwwuuuuuuuu~~~~~

I've swapped the tactical googles as well and replace with an unknown brand (think from SS) with repainted silver glasses (^^). I've swapped the radio as well all. Which I (again) think from SS CIA SAD set too.

So, there you have it. Other than the parts I've mentioned. Original parts have remained.


Here's my older Black Ops bashed I had. (just for your comparison)

This bashed was my first completed figure which I started out bashing. It came through alot transformations over the time. For now, its finalized. Notice that the similiarity of my recent VH CQB bash ? Well of course !! This because the basic (mostly) parts are from the set. But over time, better (more suitable) parts are brought in and swapped.

Men in Black !!!

Just leave you comment if you have anything for me to input.

Editor post : A reader pointed my error (thank you for that) its was Soldier Story instead Saturday Toys - wtf is that with me.. haha.. must have the name confused.

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Tay Hwah said...

Cool bash. Just so u know, the CIA SAD u bought is from Soldier Story, not Saturday Toys.xvkdrtif


.. i got the name confused will edit it..tq again

Shaun said...

very cool bash!


thx bro shaun, still alot to learn here.