Sunday, October 12, 2008

SCARIEST SCARY SCAR !!! [ Part 2 - Conclusion ]

So, finally got my hand on the MiL Scar cardset. Not much surpise there since I've already showcase one of the rifle on my Black Ops article.

As promised I'm gonna do a simple review (though there's tonnes out there) on SCAR released by few manufacturers out there. So I wont go into much details.

From the top : Hot Toys - MiL - Toy Soldier

First let start off with Hot Toys. Being power-house of 1/6 figures with tight quality control (QC) and often the most expensive set offered (yet with strongest fanbase). HT have too joined the race in SCAR rifles. As mentioned on previous post, ACE (not pictured) started off with the race. Soon other followed. This SCAR rifle came loose from the 1/6 75th Ranger SCAR-L boxset. Again, being the QC duke - HT rifle are the sturdies among all three (pictured) in my review. Details are spot on (as usual by HT) and smaller parts are moveables such as foldable butt-stock and so on. Price range it is around USD15-30 in e-bay. Since the launch of HT Firearm Series 4. Prices expect to drop, but still only this rifle from the mentioned set came with a 40mm launcher.

Next we have SCAR from MiL. It's a carded set with the rifles set only. Yeap, it's prural !! and yes it comes with two rifles instead of one !!! Pictured was the tan  version. The other version came together was black (which showcased in my previous post : Black Ops). The much anticipated setby MiL comes in rather with mixed feelings (at least for me). Quality wise, it is OK for me but still rather flimsy as the tan version's butt-stock came off rather easily. If they wanna stay on the game, they need to beef up their QC. Since it's a carded set, they came with 2 straps 4 mags but only 1 scope !! hahas.. That's is why with the mixed feelings. Price range were good if you're not picky about stuff. Roughly around USD15-25 in ebay.

Finally we have (third from the top) the Toy Soldier SCAR. Also a carded set (first to introduce) with only a single rifle. Look kinda small because it doesn't comes with a grenade launcher. But it does come with other basic accessories. Price range are among the cheapest. I got mine for USD14.99 (exclude shipping) in ebay. Comes with straps and few mags to my arsenals. Quality wise, I'll consider above average. But no where near HT. I'd say it's on par with MiL.

All three rifles does share a common ground. HAHA, buttstock are moveable and can be expand. Only TS foldable stock does not lock (snap) in place. Paint job of each are spot on too. Little marking such as manufacturer details and other too exist in all the of them. Aside from the quality built and price range, all the of them are good product and I'm proud to own all of them.

There you go, hpe it'll help you in someway to decide which SCAR rifle to get. If money not an issue, invest in HT Firearms Series 4 which consist a few SCAR rifles there but it retail, at USD109 per/set. If you're on a tight budget goes with Toy Soldier or afford a little more on MiL set. Please don't consider Dr.Figures version. Although I have not touch the real thing, but from what I read and heard. QC is way below average.



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