Thursday, October 16, 2008


YOYO, been awhile since I actually waste my precious "baby making" time to actually type crap which sometime I don't even understand.

If (you actually follow through) remember that I did mentioned I'm bashing a Metal Gear Solid 3 - Naked Snake.

Here's a teaser picture.

not quite complete but near. All I need is just a Tiger Stripe uniform then he's good to show-off (and make you sad and jealous). Its not really exactly look like Naked Snake in the game since I did swapped in my own bashing idea. Let just say it's inspired by ... k ?

Now move on, but wait.. You peepz sure wonder why there ain't no more pics rather with a "stoneage" quality pic of Snake. Well, my camera currently on vacation in Beijing (most likely visiting the Bird Nest now). So another week or so, pics of my recent bash will flood in.

Ah!! I just acquired a VH Navy SEAL Night Ops Jumper. As usual the set is abysmal. But with my "godlike" bashing skill - "Hopefully" something better comeout he ? - Count on it.

Continue to my recent encounter in youtube - yeah hey !! I know I said I won't post video unrelated to my hobbies. BUT HEY !!! It's damn funny !!! It old news too and I'm soooo outdated.. I smell flintstones in my bloodlines.

So w/o further a-do.. I give you ....


Catchy Tune EH ??? BIATCH !!!MEESA !!!

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Joshua said...

I just found your site, and i like it for all the 1/6th scale kitbashes and awesome military figures...

will be linking you up!!!