Thursday, October 23, 2008

HAUL !!!!

Well, it's been a while since I type anything here. I do have a life !! HAHAs

My camera gonna end its vacation tonight and I'll starting to pour in pictures of my latest bashes and HAUL !!! YAY !!

Not much of a surprise on my haul there since I did mentioned it long ago. 2 PVCs figures, couple of loose parts for my 1/6 dose and 1/6 HT PMC 2008 LE ver. boxset and last but not least VH Navy Seal Night Ops Jumper.

3 + 1 bashes rolling out once my camera back here with me. Here's some hint :-
- MGS3: Naked Snake (nerdpride ver.) - FINALLY DONE !!!!
- US Army 75th Ranger Sniper (90% done)
- CIA SAD Night Ops (95% done)
- VH Navy Seal Jumper - straight out box -

There you go !!! Picture updates soon.

Here's something I find funny enough to grab your attention, at least till my pictures arrives..


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