Friday, October 24, 2008

You'll be jealous !!!

Ok!! continuation of my previous post - pictures you guys want here's some quick snap I took and hope you guys could enjoy and comment some. -Seriously, without you guys thoughts -  I can't improve nor I can know my mistake(s). [and it's getting quiet here now]

To start off - my long delayed project since I started 1/6 hobby

Metal Gear Solid - Naked Snake

This is my el-cheapo version. Obviously !!! >.<
Such figure was release under Medicom line but I saw the actual figure and frankly - I don't like it. Just not appealing enough to dip my credits into such figure. So I decided to bash myself one.

Though it may not look exactly the same in the game. But this is my own version. You just have to live with it. 

p/s- and yea~ he's abit too blonde eh ??


Next up is a few bashes for this past few days.. let's check it out folks ~~~~

Just recently (roughly few months ago), there's a mini series in HBO called "Generation Kill". It a true story telling by a journalist during Operation Iraqi Freedom in IRAQ. Google yourself for more. I couldn't get a MOPP suit, so I just bash what I saw during the start of the series. I wouldn't bash based on who or which character. Let's just said is one of them ok?

This fella here is from Very Hot. As I always nag and bitch about their quality. It's still a cheaper alternative for already extinct (expensive like hell in evil-bay) set. Its a Navy Seal Night Ops Jumper. Honestly, it's hell just to put this guy upright. Still alot need to be done, so we'll have to wait till sometime before it can really call it complete.

AH ha!!! Sniper. A very quick bash which I put up temp. Will need some ideas before I can finish this dude. argghhhh!!!!

An even more quick bash. Was quickly done in 2 hours. As Hot Toys fans can notice. Yeap most of the stuff are from the PMC LE set (which I bought lately). Currently, I'll tagged him as NAVY SEAL SAW Gunner.

Another Night Ops eh ? HEHE~ I just love it !!! This is actually the set from SS (Soldier Story) CIA SAD boxset. I've removed the boots and the over-rated skull balaclava. Oh !! I removed the original M4 to HT M14 rifles. Sort of like a short range sniper he is !! hehe

SO that's it folks - work my ass off just to snap some pictures.


My recent hauls [awww - I know your jealous]

Finally my "smexy" PVC babes arrived. weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
together with Hot Toys Firearms Series 4 and Hot Toys PMC Operator LE '08 ver. 
Don't hate me ^^



eehtsitna said...

That is Daddy Snake aka Big Boss right? I love it! :D


yeap yeap, that's my own version of daddy snake.. hehe.. thanks bro.

Tay Hwah said...

Oh no! U r the one who beat me to nivek's PMC 07 LTD ED!!! Great Haul!!


awww.. sry bout that.. booked with kel long ago but took me 2 months 2 get thru the deal. Anyway, if your still interested. There's a guy in another MY local forum selling it "xl-forum", maybe you can check it out there.

Tay Hwah said...

XL forum kena virus, I joined oredi but cannot go in cos admin cannot process me.... How much is the other guy selling? Mind asking him to send me email? tayhwah AT yahoo DOT com.


sure bro.. will send him a PM in up to him and god's will.. haha

Tay Hwah said...

thanks! :D


np bro, that seller said will contact you directly...hope u get it ^^

Tay Hwah said...

Thanks nerdpride. Will be collecting my HT PMC LE 08 this Sunday. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is that DID head?Cool...but i think u shd try MGS1 or 2 with that head...anyway its awesome!If u letting go contact me!!!! =p