Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The future is coming !!!

AH~~ awhile since I blog again ~~ cuz I'm lazy obviously~duh~~~~

Actually, wasn't around to bash stuff lately. That's cuz I'm running out of parts and ideas for and quality bash(es). But no sweat ~ HT and VH to the rescue. 

Their recently upcoming stuff automatically top my "must-by" list.

Again, we have Very Hot product on the line. Though I may always bitch about their quality control and their lousy parts. But this issues slowly improve since their CBT PMC Multicam set. 
This latest release look pretty much decent and simple enough to re-bash with better part (if required).

The bright side of all the worst scenarios - VH product always the cheapest alternative.

Speaking about the pricing - Hot Toys had just announce the upcoming release on Secret Service (ERT) both male and female version.

Let's look at the female version first. At last, Hot Toys finally release a rooted hair headsculpt in the Military Forces line. Currently, there's a debate on who the headsculpt were based on. Some say A.Jolie, while other think it's K.Knightley - as both were released by HT before. But I think it is K.Knightley - though at first glance I too thought was A.Jolie as most of HT fanboys still down with Machiko syndrome. (please I won't do a review of Machiko here since there's tonnes out there, since mine still wrap in plastics.)

So, you judge yourself if it's Keira or Angelina.

Next up is the dude version - 

Again, some may ask what Secret Service ? I haven't start doing research on them yet, but from what I see from 24 series. They act as bodyguard to high ranking official in the U.S. government. These bunch can be seen patrolling around the White House. But such heavily armed agents only can be seen within the presidential compound for within the secure area during a US President stopover or presidential visits. These are called the uniformed divisions. Un-uniformed divisions are those wearing business suits or tuxs which we normally seen in silverscreens.

From what I understand, Secret Service considered as meat-shield for these VVIPs. They will use their bodies to shield bullets during under-seige. Such concept were also seen in Yakuza underlings to protect their bosses during ambush or drive-by. 

There's a movie which starred Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Eva Longoria Parker in THE SENTINEL. You can get a brief idea on what Secret Service do and their roles.

If you wanna know more, as always Google or Wiki it !!!


Currently I'm playing the latest DJ MAX series the 

DJ Max Portable Emotional Sense - Clazziquai Edition

I know most of you PSP-fanboys out there running a CFW (as do I) but this latest hit games will required you  to have at least v4.01 running in your PSP. Check with your local gaming shop to updates your firmware. It is still playable if your still on v3.91 but your will not get the vocal in the game and maybe experience lag issues during game which is serious problem for this genre.

Being a longtime DJ MAX series fans (and of course Beatmania series) this feature a new mode the - 4BFX mode. Same as the old-skool 4-buttons mode but somewhere in between during the play, you will need to utilize the L & R buttons as well. If your a newbie to this series - 'fraid not !! It featured a 2B (2 buttons) feature during the starting of the carrier modes which will slowly ease you towards the game. 

But still I still can't quite manage the 5 buttons mode but yet I'm doing fine with 6-buttons mode. Kudos for me. Check it out, this game really worth your while as some of the song as kinda cool and catchy too.

Although it was released as a Korean title, but you can select language to English (may have some typos - but what the heck!!!). Trust me !! you'll love it. 

ALSO in my MS Stick for casual gaming:-

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