Monday, November 3, 2008


Hippie Birthday to Me !
Hippie Birthday to Me !!
Hippie Birthday to ME ME
Hippie Birthday to ME !!!!!!!!!

This is the day I tend not to remember. Cuz it'll just make me older and no one really remember my birthday anyway. 

Back to happy stuff. My private nurse is on the way from Japan as we speak now.

isn't she such a doll ??

AND !!!

My all time fave. anime tough babe (and semxy in her own way) Mokoto Kusanagi for the cult anime Ghost in the Shell series.

This 1/6 figure costed me arms and limbs just to get her. Cost me around USD175  all the way from Japan.
Pre-orders, well can't live long enough to get the real one so alternatively - PVC!!! and I love them - I smell OTAKUness here.

PVC fans/otaku(s) should know the figures above that I've pre-ordered. They are kinda over-rated which make sense cuz of the cuteness and semxyness ^^

That's all folks, till next chapter of wallet torturing purchases !!!


maslight said...

happy birthday dood


thx bro.. but i try not to think bout it.. just makes me older >.<

eehtsitna said...

Hippie Belated Birthday to u too!!! :P

Those figures of yours sure look semxy!!! :3