Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BORED with 1/6 ???

OMG, I'm actually bored with 1/6 ?? Not even close, but kinda in a conflict now. When you reach a certain stage, things bound to change. Evolving should be the right word.

Maybe because I went too damn fast, my idea are drying out fast. I couldn't think of any idea to bash anything good.

The other night, I was messing around with my spare loose parts hoping to bash something out of it. But it cameout something crappy.

YEAH YEAH, this is my first rant post here. Anyone out there can share or at least give me some idea. 

To counter this, I have started to experiment some materials to do dioramas. I've successfully made some decent looking dios. (pics will come later)

I'm still in the mist in perfecting the mothod hopefully it could be useful to fellow 1/6 citizen which always wanted to create dioramas but do not have the professional tools and materials. I'm trying to create dios using household items which you can even get it in your rundown grocery stores.

I have a secret project going on which I think will be my best work of all time. This of course is 1/6 action figure. Unlike anything you seen so far. This is my first attempt on sci-fi genre and a scratch building of the bits. So stay tune, but be warn - it won't come by anytime soon.


eehtsitna said...

Its about time you move back to modelling!!! :P


nah~~~ gunpla just waste too much of my precious time and i'm not patient enough to nip and tuck every single parts. at least 1/6 figures i can hide my defected parts.. LOL~~~~~~~

TeeCare said...

Mmmm...Pandaren here~~ hehehehe~~ I think sometimes doing bashing own.. will feel boring right? Try crossover with others ppl to do it? :P

Hope can c your secret project in future~~!


actually not really said "bored" it just that when your running out of ideas and places I always visit (forum) nothing new. It's like thing and time stopped for a moment. But all that are cured as I have already planning a fast bash. Waiting OSM send me those parts and it'll be done. Meanwhile I'll be doing a dio as well to come with my upcoming bash.

The secret project need to wait. Still in very early stage. All i can hint is that I will be scratch built except the bodies and the base suit...hehe ^^