Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Angels and Messiah

How could I not even type/crap/cock/nag about 1/6 figures - better yet Female Figures a.k.a. FemFigs.

I kinda come out with a few femfigs and put them in teams of Black Angels , White Messiah and a back-up team RED ROSES. YEAH YEAH - the names are lame and cliche!!! If you would ought to think so - kindly suggest something for me else you're just as lame *wink*

I'm trying to come up with a background story of each character then each week by compiling feedbacks and responses (if any) . Main plot will each decided by readers here and of course by my god-like editing skills.

Here some teaser pics I took out of fun and heck of it.

Since I've posted my three girls here. Why not give them name ? I'll glady accept your ideas (if able to knock into my well fortified brain)

So enjoy it folks - I'm tired. Hopefully more pics will emerge soon (again, if I'm not lazy)


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Sniper being suggest to called Artemis. I kinda like it!! fully noted !!!