Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ignis the White by Orchid Seed

AHHH~~~ another PVC post/show-off here !!! Ladies & Bastards , Boys and Future Babes !!! (hopefully) I (very/arrogantly) present you Ignis the White !!!

Another PVC figure that cost me arms and limbs just to get her over to me. It's all worth it !!!!

Yeap, Ignis is an Elf. She's a character featured in the H-game Jinkai Makyo (Chaos Gate). This figure indeed created a chaos among collector where almost every single collectors and otakus alike wanted to get a piece of her. Her first initial launch in Japan was sold out in just few days. Fans petitioned (i think) and finally she got a re-released few months later where manufacturer promised to be the last batch. I was lucky enough to get it trough Hobby Search , Japan.

Ignis figures was released through few others companies and all of them received well responses. Ignis the White was the costliest among them all. But the sculpting was marvelous !!!!

If you haven't know yet. Orchid Seed is a company that produces nice and sellout figures. Main reason is because their release is good and (importantly) most of them usually castoff-able !!! ^^v

AH~~ such a beauty. I had her for so long until tonight I finally done her - as in take her pictures (what you've been thinking you perv !!)

She's so adoreble that I can't take her out for too long else the dust and the bad (yellow) energy surrounding her may de-filed her !!!

So after few snaps, I placed her back to where she belong. As where she will stay with me till eternity !!!!
---WARNING: otakuness detected---

Again, this isn't much of a review - just a simply to showoff my sweetest thing, my most treasured figure !!! teehee -~~oh the cuteness ^^

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