Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yoko Littner (from Gurren Lagann) by Eye Up

YES, finally had a chance to take some pics of this cutey. 

"Yoko is a girl from Jeeha's neighboring village of Littner, who had been chasing the Gunmen which entered Jeeha village. She wields an extensive arsenal of firearms and has previous experience fighting Gunmen. She uses her marksmanship from afar to assist Kamina and Simon, while they pilot their respective Gunmen." extracted from Wikipedia

I'll trade off my soul for Boota's place !!! It seems so warm !!! ARGHHH!!!!

When I was cyber-window shopping in Hobby Search website. They just listed this piece of art !!
I was quickly charmed by the liveliness of the figure. It was well done and money well spent. My surprise took me to another degree when I received the figure. I was almost exactly the same thing as shown in the prototype/official released pictures. Seldom company able to match with final product. It was really a pleasant to collectors.


Next up:

Another pics that I took along just now my 1/6 Black Angels team. My long companion of 1/6. In fact they we're my earliest figure I had when I just started this hobby (about alittle a year ago).

Both figure are from Cy Girl 1.0 series but I got the attire from Triad Toys where they made high quality stuff. More on Triad Toys after this...


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