Friday, November 7, 2008

Pre-Orders !!!

NO NO NO, this ain't pre-orders offer. It's just my another showoff posting of what my upcoming PVC figures that I've ordered. Seems like I always put my credit cards over countless strokes and heart attacks. hahas

It's all worth it.
Syunya Yamashita Character Series Vol.2 Nasca by Art Storm
AHA !! Shunya Yamashita character let loose again. This true to the art by the designer amde from 2D into a 3D figure. Impressive as always as I never missed any Shunya releases.

Saber by Gift
Another variation of the fan-service figure of the famous Fate Stay Night h-game & anime series.
I'm exactly a otakuness fans of Saber but this figure sculpting and especially the smile captured me by the soul (not even sure I have those). A must have
Human Mage by Good Smile Company - ARRIVED-
There you have it for all Lineage II fans Human mage. I was sad that I missed the Dark Elf release moons ago. Though I don't play Lineage II (anymore) well at least have a figure around reminds me of the time in the game ^^
Signum by Alter
Why I pre-ordered this figure I myself too wasn't so sure either. Maybe because this figure name had something to do with my project that score me a degree cert. few years back.. hahaha.
Nonetheless, she made by Alter which on of the top manufacturer out there.

Syunya Yamashita Character Series Vol.1 Kanaru by Art Storm
What else to say ? Shunya Yamashita figures - who would wanna miss them ?

Claire by Megahouse
The famous manga/anime Claymore (because of the huge sword they carry around). I've missed the first release of this true to anime/manga sculpting. Thank god I was release again.
Busujima Saeko of Highschool of the Dead by Chara-Ani
Another sexy figure that for sure gonna in my collection. Those I haven't had any experience with this company, but who cares. Look at the smexyness of her !!!
Ignis by Creators Labo
Another variation of Ignis of the not so famous H-game Jinkai Makyo (Chaos Gate). It's always a fast sellout figure. So grab your's now !!!
Matsumoto Rangiku of Bleach by Megahouse
Another re-release of another hot-selling figure. YES !! I missed the first release and  I won't repeat the same mistake.

Spirit of Wonder - Recrimination of Chaina-san by Megahouse - ARRIVED-
Another new release of unknown (at least to me). SO adoreable that I can't resist to pre-order it !!! Ohnoes

Ikki Tousen Kanu Unchou (Comic Vol.13 Cover Picture) by Daiki Kougyo
My all time fave. character in Ikki Tousen. Kanu Uchou ^^. She's a tough chick but which make her even more smexy.. ohnoes..kanu-chan !!!!!! 

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That's all folk - please don't hate ^^


Vaklyr said...

i hate u man :~~~< so envy , i darn but u relli got nice taste ^_________^


hehehe.. i only chose specific figures.. in which case u shud have a brief idea of which type

eehtsitna said...

Same here! I hate you too!!! Where did you manage to find all those money to buy all this figures??? Its unbelievable!!!