Monday, November 10, 2008

Command and Conquer : Red Alert 3 (PC)

It's been awhile since I've actually played any PC games. Just few days ago, I've tried Fallout 3 - seriously, I ain't my type of game. I prefer those straight to the point with no nonsense to tag along. No offence to Fallout series fanboy though.

So I've get my hand busy with Command and Conquer : Red Alert 3. After waited so long for it's release, I'm kinda again get mixed feelings (I think the phrase that I overly used). 

From RA 2 and get to RA 3 had came along way in between. Technology and graphical wise, of course it is on another level. Fans like us expect something more of a twist from the storyline, but EA gave us a tango instead !!! Totally altered the story by killing A.Einstien - haha no more e=mc2 !!!

FYI, first series (RA1 & RA2) were made by Westwood before EA (Electronic Arts) tookover them. RA3 was such a disappointment. Even the installation doesn't come with fancy intro and GUI. That I can live with it.

Then of course the B-list and C-list stars used for the cut-scenes. EA never fail to live up their tagline - "Sex can sell" - hahaha. I have nothing to complain with the female they used except for Kelly Hu for the Empire side. She's abit to old for the job. I do agree she's hot - but few years back - now ? nah-ah~ At least get someone younger hotter like Grace Park -oh wait !! She's in C&C :Tiberium Wars already, hot damn!!!

Again, those acting are as usual corny and ermmm.. suck ???

Can't believe EA actually screwed this wonderful game - heck when you actually play this game - elements of C&C: General are all-over !!! My best guess is they used back the same old engine in General. Not that General suck, but at least put in something more. 

I really do hope the storyline get to evolve through the expansions. Alot of mentioned characters did not get a proper appearance like Natasha that used as the cover.

Again, hope that they bring back Yuri.. haha !!! or maybe add other super power like China and the Middle East !!! heyhey that already like General !!! but what the heck.

Let's break it down on this mini-review.

I was running on a Nvidia 8500GT so best I could go on medium setting w/o much lag. But the graphic isn't no where better than C&C: General. That's a dissappointment as we expect something more superior since it came a long way.

Again, Hell March always my fave. tune in C&C since RA2. Grinder another old tune that remain in RA3. Among the 3 faction, USSR tunes was the best as they match the mood and agenda. Allies and Empire isn't so much. 
Sound wise, some of us expect Tanya with her quote "Shake it baby" - "Ka-Ching" no where to be found yet.

Battle mechanics
As I've said, it is the same as C&C : General. So there ins't much of a surprise. The GUI are same classic right side control panel where you choose you builds.

As I've said - CORNY !!!!! Well, not to expect too much. Not much of a mystery behind each faction story-telling. Each have their own agenda but at least put in more effort to develop the story. Hope it can be remedied through the expansion.

What's new ?
Don't expect tonnes of new things. First, in campaign mode - you'll get to choose an AI partner called "Co-Op" to aid you in your mission. Which make this game easier to beat. Plus each mission you'll get to choose the difficulties ranging from EASY-MEDIUM-HARD

Allies and USSR battle units are easy to master and muster since they are almost direct decendant from RA2. Yes, comrade Kirov here to report for duty !!!! Our fave bombartment blimps are here again with options to speed boost but will cost your health points.

Allies with their prism techs are here to protect and serve. Tanya are still around to blow you up to pieces.

The only thing we really need to learn is the Empire. Set in the story to be an advance technological faction they even have mecha for godsake !!!! Even some units can be transform from land unit to an air unit !!! Very Japanese if you ask me. Even lolitas with sailor suit highschool outfit made and appearance. HAHA

So since there's alot of negative points I've point. The babes in the game kinda even it out respectively.. ^^

here's a comic strip that even out more !!!

There you go. My personal opinion on this much anticipated game.


eehtsitna said...

Is it really that bad??? I heard that their co-op play is fun. :P I was tempted to get a copy of this while I was in KL.

Ps: Can I borrow that Fallout 3 of yours? I would like to give it a try before I purchasing it myself. :P

TeeCare said...

Same as well.. just tried soviet campaign areadi feel sooooo dissapointed to RA3....

The comic strip so cute.. but dun understand wat it mean :P


i dont understand either.. let just say that RA3 doesnt have the replay value as RA1 n RA2

TeeCare said...

Hohoho.. after play the game while.. i knew it.. The Heli shoot them become small.... then Natasha force Tanya use her Time belt return back to some short period b4.....haha