Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This economic turbulence finally get a (few) toll(s) on me. I finally decided to cancel some of my pre-orders and existing collection to make way for priority stuff which is still figures and toys !! LOLBBQSAUCEROFL~~

Here's the list i'm pulling the plug:-
HT Joker Bank Robber Version - (cancelled)
HT Dark Knight (Original Suit) - (sold)
HT Dark Knight (Dark Knight Suit) - (sold)
HT Joker- (sold)
HT Bat-pod - (cancelled)
HT Ironman MK.II (cancelled)
Sideshow Indiana Jones :Raider of the Lost Ark - (cancelled)
Apple Iphone 3G - (cancelled)
Trip to Shanghai - (cancelled)

That's all about it!!!

You guys must be wondering why suddenly the massive cancellation and look at those 1/6 stuff to be lay off !!!

Reason behind those HT figures was I was poisoned blindly without thinking clearly that it was just another fan service. While I'm not exactly Batman fan  so it's not fair for  me to hold them captive. I decided to let them go to a better home.

I rather call myself a kitbasher/customizer rather than a collector. So those sets ain't my taste afterall. I'll just stick to military lines for now.

The Iphone, well I just wasn't too sure that I need such phone. Seriously, it wasn't such a great phone and it's huge !!! I'll stick with my Nokia 81 8GB for now.

Ugh~ trip to Shanghai, China was cancelled because my friend there busy with something - so I need to reschedule my timetable again.

OK!! the real reason behind my sudden change of mind is that thanks to Danny Choo poisoning and his famous skit. YES !!! Stormtrooper suit !!!

As we speak, a friend of mine in California is helping me to find a Stormstrooper prop suit. Hopefully will get a sweet news from him soon !! Cross my fingers and toes now!!! That'll cost me around a grand or two !! (that spell USD1k-2k) with shipping of course

I'm looking for professional tailored set that include the helmet (with fans and mic), body armors, jumpsuits, boots and gloves. Oh the blaster rifle i need to assemble myself cuz i dont think it'll pass through Malaysian customs hahaha.

Hope one day I'm able to join Danny and dance around in Japan (by next year hopefully)

That's all folks - a little news on my side ^^


maslight said...

Impulse buying syndrome XD


hahaha... thought can be cured but bigger drug seems to kick in

IRTeA said...


TeeCare said...

Hohoho.. will you doing like danny choo? Wear tat n walk around at Bkt Bintang!?!


dont think they that open minded yet.. 1st respond they shud be "look at that '50h41'..stupid retard" - most malaysian here living it large and a hypocrite poser !!! NO OFFENCE thoo.. that's y i respect our local cosplayer !!!