Saturday, November 22, 2008


caught your attention enough to stop by and read you pervy perverson !!!

promised moons ago that I'll do another sig-based group shots of my fig particular of the "smexy babes version"

here goes - and some dusty figures of mine !!! haha


Ahhh~~~ Kerberos Saga armored babes Midori Washio by Takara Cool Girl lines. Cost arms and limbs for each. approx. USD120-140 each !!! 

from left to right: The original (1st release ver.), Custom (Gun metal ver.), Latest release (Matte black ver.). Another German Grey ver. still inside the box.

Yeap, total 4 or her.. hehe ^^v

Since we're on Cool Girl series - Here's the Alternative releases of previous long sold out version. Since I do not have the original releases, after did some research. Alternative ver. are actually upgrade version of each. 

More individual photoshot will come soon - if you can wait that is -muahahaha..muhahaha..muhahahah (Dr.Evil laughter)

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