Saturday, November 22, 2008

What A Groovy Trick !!!

YES!!! that's exactly it is. IT'S AIR GEAR TIME !!! Saw a fellow blog in my current "loit-around" forum. Then I think back, "geez, I too have few Air Gear babes. Why not snap pictures of them?" 
Matter of fact, Air Gear (Ringo & Simca) was my very 1st PVC I ever officially collected. (HAHA, now you know how long I've been into PVC - seriously not that long - 2006 - gah~~~~)

Enough with the stupid intro. (not that anyone ever read them if you do, please sign yourself up in comment section - there's a free gift waiting for you to claim - which expired 60sec ago.. ^^v)

Ol skool, figure here. Yet, it still captured the image from the anime/manga. For those haven't watch or read the manga/anime yet. Please do so, laughter and otakuness guaranteed.
The standing lady with hat is Simca while the little hottie witha burger meal tray is Ringo. Imagine my gf with a tray of burger meals - which will you choose ? (hint: if is Ringo, I'll go with Ringo. Else you know my answer O_0).

This is a new purchase, roughly release a month ago. I got it 1st hand all the way from Japan. A love at 1st sight I may say.

I'm not really good in review thingy - hope this few pics will suffice ^^

and added bonus - I did a so-called wallpaper like PS image of this smexy figure.

Thank you for you time - uh huh ~~~~

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