Thursday, November 20, 2008


ah ha ~~~!!! finally Human Mage of Lineage II from Good Smile Company arrived at my doorstep. I was starting to wondering if this was an impluse purchase (althought most of it are true). To my surprise, this is a well worth money spent !!! It's so smexy and can be cast-off (undress) ..woohoo~~~~
Truely well sculpt, I have nothing to complain on this figure, my only gripe is that the stand isn't as magically as it look. It suppose to give a magical wave effect yet the coloring couldn't live up it's purpose. Will, hire some pro to repaint it soon ^^v

weird cast-off indeed eh ? Self-censored on the figure itself, hahaha. Come to think of it, I never had any cast-off-able from GSC.

NEXT we have Queen's Blade No.6 Melona
This little smexy kitten, really can turn alot of heads around. Those revealing part *ahem* leaves alot place for your own imagination. 


Finally, what I think the most smexyiest figure of all my collection. It's Shunya Yamashita's Mirei-san. This seductress really turn me on everytime I look at here. Her pose really define a whole new level of sexiness. ugh~~~~~~.~

Mirei-san if a big sellout figure all over the world. I'm lucky to get my hands on her fast. Another (color) variation which is the HK Expo edition sit tightly on my rack. Will snap some of that in coming future.

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madmoz said...

human mage looks really good... but why oh why goodsmile?
you've a;ready made her castoffable so why not complete the job :(