Thursday, December 4, 2008


Here some fast bashing on my figure  ready to rollout for action.

U.S. Marine Trooper. Inspired by my recent 24 (series) marathon. It was during 24: Season 4 where Jack Bauer went on an one-man-army rescue of the Secretary of Defence and hisdaughter Audrey Raine. It was during the climax where U.S. Marines were deployed and a few of them captured my attention which lead to this bash.

This dude really deserve an award to be the most bashed of all time. I have lost count, how many times I've bash and re-bash him. I couldn't get a firm idea on what to do with him This is mainly because of his headsculpt. 

With such a HS, the only thing I can think of is either Special Forces, DEVGRU or PMC. So I narrowed it down to either PMC of DEVGRU. Finally I decided, DEVGRU is a go, since I do not have any of them in my disposal. Well, after much bashing and bashing, it finally come to life, but element of PMC re-surfaced. So in the end, I did label him.

It's up to you guys to decide then.

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