Friday, December 5, 2008

Moon Girl, Urika Gagarin by Da Joint

Here goes my recent silly bash out of boredom. I was getting ready for the upcoming HobbyCon '08 somewhere near my hometown which is 50 minutes flight away - mine you !! That Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia, Earth, Milky Way.

While I was at it, my hand was so itchy. So I took out some extra parts laying around and start to bash things.

Here I have Urika Gagarin, Perhaps grand-daughter of Yuri Gagarin ?? I had her in my display for almost a year now, in fact she was my 2nd femfigs set in my collection (1st being Ruby of CG Girl). Back then, I don't even know what is bashing. So after much waiting, she finally sent to training camp and gain her much needed pounds. She was tad too skinny for my taste. I swapped her original body (by Sea International / Da Joint) onto a much "meatier" bods of CY 1.0 body. 

This is what I did after I gave her some "pumpin' up" ^^

below are the original image of the box illustration and the original look of the figure.

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Anonymous said...

nice upgrade!!