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Playhouse PMC set A & B

Playhouse PMC Set A -

Head by DiD
Body by BBi G3
Goggle by AFA
Watch by Hot Toys
Triple Mag Pouch replaced by Hot Toys

Playhouse PMC Set B

Head and Body by BBi x Takara CY Girl 1.0

Mini review - Set A & B

It's obvious stated as 1/6 scale, but within the 1/6 scales sizes sometimes may varies. Known widely are that Hot Toys produces larger scale weapons and gears before (soon after Very Hot too follow suit - cuz of copycat issue). Most basher agreed upon that BBi and ACE (now Soldier Story too) produces rather spot-on scale.

In this case, the PMC set both work well with any size (accept the older BBi G1 bodies or the DRAGON bodies).
The plaid shirt is abit larger in size best suited in a Hot Toys bodies (as they have the broad shoulder). Picture shown (male) was in a BBi G3 type bodies. I need to add some soft paddings to give it a more natural look.

For the female, I used a BBi x Takara CY GIRL 1.0 bodies. It's shorter and less poseable as the new type such as BBi PB1&2 and CG 2.0 bodies. The body (female) need to add padding especially on the waist and back because of the overly curve of the body. Initially, it was just a prototype setup to see which female bodies work fine. I have yet to try with recent release HT Female bodies. But I recon both HT Female bodies and CG 2.o should to the tricks wonder.

Let start off with the quality of the cloth used in these sets. The fabrics used was thin and look natural for its scale. Surprisingly the notoriously famous Hot Toys didn't put this into consideration as their fabric as of now still look abit too thick on 1/6 scale. Thinner fabrics are widely used by Very Hot too. This will leave a natural look and feel of the small scale items.

The vest are great but still need abit of QC stricten cuz as I was putting the pouches on, I notice a small tear on the side (not really noticable)

MOLLE strap of each pouch are similiar to those of Soldier Story - just plastics and straps. IMHO - these are fairly easier to navigate around the MOLLE holders unlike Hot Toys which will give you a living hell. Too realistic isn't a good thing - much as the thing was at the back and hidden away to begin with. 

Noticed that from SET A, I've changed the triple (triple)  M4 mags pouch to Hot Toys Triple (double) M4 mags pouch. The original pouch made the fgure look to bulky (like a pregnant dude) - though in normal circumstances it's normal for a "soulja boyz" but as a PMC , overgear = overkill.

PLAYHOUSE must have SPY around the forums globally. Abundant of mags enough to fit every single mag pouch that comes with the set. Sling bag and waist bag are detailed. The SET B comes with a silver Nokia N92-ish cellphone. Few more accessories such as foldable knife,pliers,torch will surely shine more for this set.

Both set comes with with a M4 AFRX stock -tan for set A- while -black for set B-. Both some with M9 pistol (sidearm) while SET A-black- and SET B -silver-. A standard size M4 and the size are just fine unlike previous HT releases. Gimmicks are as of normally you would see from other brand too. A small complain here is that it doesn't snapfit really well (either too loose or too hard to make it through)

PLAYHOUSE has done it again with this awesome high quality gears set. Playhouse came with a different approach from others, producing gears set only. I was already amazed by the quality of their older release OMEGA vest lines. I dare to say that their quality totally outclassed other brands and on-par with the notorious Hot Toys. sadly their sister company Saturday Toys doesn't fair too well.

Plaid shirts are so scarces on the market and PLAYHOUSE really know when and where to hit the "g-spot".

After messing around with these 2 sets. I have the urge to get another few sets to bash few PMCs.

PMCs are fairly to bash as they do not have any set of guidelines on their gears setup - as long as it's necessary and efficient with their line of jobs - it's always good to go.

Here the re-cap of the official load from the set.

Ø  1 X Long Sleeves Sweater (Black)
Ø  1 X Long Sleeves Plaid Shirt (Green + Blue) 
Ø  1 X 511 Tactical Pants (Gray) 
Ø  1 X Leather Belt (Brown)
Ø  1 PAIR FUSION 95 Gore-Tex Boots (Alpine Green+Gray) 
Ø  1 X LT Tactical Ball Cap (Black)
Ø  1 X O-LEY Sunglasses

Ø  1 X STRIKE (GEN.2) Commando RECON Plate Carrier w/ Plates (Coyote Tan)
Ø  1 X SPEC Combat Suspender (Coyote Tan)
Ø  1 X STRIKE AK Triple Magazine Pouch (Holds 9) (Coyote Tan)
Ø  2 X STRIKE TALONFLEX Double Pistol Magazine Pouch (Coyote Tan)
Ø  1 X STRIKE ADMIN Pouch (Coyote Tan)
Ø  1 X STRIKE Radio Pouch (Coyote Tan)
Ø  1 X OMEGA Drop Pistol Holster (Coyote Tan)
Ø  1 X OMEGA Enhanced M4 MAG HIP (Holds 4) (Coyote Tan) 
Ø  1 X Foldable Dump Pouch (Coyote Tan)
Ø  1 X SABER Radio w/ Hand Mic 
Ø  1 X DELTA Tactical Sling (Black)
Ø  1 X ID Armband with clear facing (Black)
Ø  1 X M. FAT BOY Versipack w/ Shoulder Pad (Black)
Ø  1 X D Carabineer (Dull Silver)
Ø  1 X M4A1 SOPMOD Carbine
Ø  1 X M9 Pistol
Ø  1 X CTR Carbine collapsible Stock (Dark Earth)
Ø  1 X CQB Sling Adapter for M4
Ø  1 X ACOG SCOPE w/ KILL-FLASH (Dark Earth) 
Ø  1 X Vertical Foregrip Weapon Light (Dark Earth) 
Ø  3 X RAIL Cover Plate (Dark Earth)
Ø  14 X M4 Magazines w/ Ranger Floor Plate Grips (Dark Earth)
Ø 6 X M9 Pistol Magazines 

Ø  1 X LT Tactical Ball Cap w/ embroiled logo (Khaki)
Ø  1 X Long Sleeves Sweat Shirt (KHAKI)
Ø  1 X Long Sleeves Plaid Shirt (TAN+ BLACK) 
Ø  1 X Tactical Trousers w/ hidden Holster Compartment (KHAKI)
Ø  1 X Leather Belt (Brown)
Ø  1 X Ray B. Style Sunglasses

Ø  1 X Body Armor (Black)
Ø  1 X Molle STRIKE OMEGA Vest (Coyote Tan)
Ø  2 X STRIKE M4 Double/Double Magazine Pouch (HOLDS 4)(Coyote Tan) 
Ø  2 X STRIKE Double Pistol Magazine Pouch (Coyote Tan) 
Ø  1 X STRIKE Radio Pouch (Coyote Tan) 
Ø  1 X OMEGA M-16 HIP POUCH (HOLDS 3) (Black) 
Ø  1 X M. PROTEUS Versipack (Black)
Ø  1 X Neck ID Holder w/ clear facing (Black)
Ø  1 X SABER Radio w/ Hand Mic. 
Ø  1 X N93 Cell Phone (Silver)
Ø  1 X Cell Phone / Small Radio / GPS Holder (Black)

Ø  1 X M9 Pistol (Chrome Silver)
Ø  1 X M4A1 SOPMOD Carbine
Ø  1 X CTR CARBINE Stock (Black)
Ø  1 X CQB Sling Adapter for M4
Ø  1 X ACOG Scope w/ REFLEX Sight (Black)
Ø  1 X KAC Vertical Fore Grip (Black)
Ø   1 X RAIL Cover (Tan)
Ø  1 X Weapon Light w/ SWIFT Pressure Switch
Ø  1 X DELTA Single Point Weapon Sling (OD)
Ø  12 X M4 Magazines w/ Ranger Floor Plate Grip (OD)
Ø  6 X Pistol Magazines (Chrome Silver)

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