Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kanu Uchou (Ikkitousen) by Daiki

What else can you say , my top-of-my-list anime babe - Kanu Uchou from Ikkitousen.
This is one huge stroke on my credit card for a PVC figure - a whopping 18000yen (with shipping).

It's all good cuz once I open and ready for some pictures -  I was dazed. I was just holding her and amazed with the details and she's heavy too.

This figure was based on the Vol.13 of the manga cover. For a 2D art brought to life in 3D figure. It was a totally WOW factor.

Produced and manufactured by Daiko which is my first as well -  I was abit sceptical with the quality comparing to the big names such as Megahouse/GSC/Alter and others. I was pleasant and another good buy that she came well packed and well done.

Of course, all Ikkitousen couldn't live up to their names without some cast-off-able features. 

The painting are well spot-on. I don't really have any complain on this figure. My only gripe is that she's offered in few more color variations. But I chose this orignal red ver. cuz it was true to the cover of the manga vol.13.


Anonymous said...

i been wordering where do u get dat figure cuz ive been looking on da web & icant find a place dat hav it, any suggestion?

Anonymous said...

say how much it cost u in $ cuz i just found sum1 dat sells but i wanna know if da price its right 4 a figure