Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yoko by Gathering

My first ever figure from GATHERING (got it from TO my surprise, I was awesome and yet also my first pre-painted resin figure.

This Yoko suppose to be 1/6 in scale around 22-24cm tall.

This supposely to be the only mature looking (yet smexy) out there I've ever seen - mind me if my knowledge are just that shallow.

The painting are spot-on but it can't be 10000% perfect. Since this is a resin figure, it must handle with care all the time. I nearly broke the yellow hair pin forgetting that this is not a PVC figure that I normally purchased.

This version of Yoko (from Gurren Langgan) is totally different from what we've seen so far on the open market. I was captured by the first look of her and I straight away fell in love with her. Without second thought, I straight away made my order.

At USD140++ this is a good buy I must say. Having a resin figure pre-painted by those pros in Gathering, I have absolute confidence on my next review of 1/6 Asuka w/bike.

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wow, nice