Sunday, March 29, 2009

BASH of MARCH 2009

halfway reading the book SEALs : The Elite Fighting Force, I knew I have to bash a NAVY SEAL Sniper during the tough Battle of Fallujah. A simple yet took me long time to get the parts and detail right. 

The tough part was the weathring, to give a dirty look ain't a way a park. I have to get myself dirty before I can replicate it on 1:6 scale. 

p/s:- Last part was a joke !! 

inspired by HBO's mini series Generation Kill, I was contempt to bash a figure bash on the 1st Marine Recon. It was first bashed only with a Tri-color BDU but thanks to a fellow commrade in OSM. I was able to finish up this with as much as accurate possible on this marine pitbull !!!

another inspiration from the book I've been reading. SEAL it is during Operation Kentucky Jumper. Imcomplete and needed alot of revamp.

KIA / Out of commission !!!

KIA / Out of commission !!!

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