Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BASH of APRIL 2009

I've been a big fan of Multicam lately. They look uberish and brings back old memories off the woodland pattern. Yet it's like an evolution or a marriage between Tricolor and Woodland.. haha.

CCT - Combat Controller, was actually my first attempt on them. I wasn't so sure about the gear setup, where I used mostly MEF gears on him. With only one pic reference, not that far fetch idea I can get.

AH - RANGERS - The fighting frontliner of all corners of the US ARMY. I've been watching Black Hawk Down lately - I couldn't find any early 90's gears to go with the project. So I just have to make due with the current modern gears, the Gulf theater setup. Hot Toys fans may notice that I was just a slight changes from the release of 75th Ranger Reg M249 set. Yeap, that's the one. I've unplugged the Head/glove hand/Boots to accomodate the dude above. HAHAHA

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