Thursday, May 28, 2009

MEDICOM RAH - Chun-Li [MAMEGYORAI Exclusive] - white ver.

Consider my first Medicom female figure (initially it was Kusanagi Motoko, but I returned it since fear of breakage problem)

So here I have Chun Li the female figure of all gamers from Street Fighter series. Rank to be the top among the female figure of gaming world and yet she's been around the scene for almost 20 years now. That's actually much older then alot of gamers nowadays... hahahas.

I finally get my hands on the Medicom RAH Chun-Li white ver. which claimed to be 300 only available worldwide.

I have the regular blue version but it is still in HK right now. 

Please don't confused with the recent Hollywood version of Street Fighter - The Legend of Chun Li (which is a crap movie by the way...) although their roles and background are to be similar but the stories are totally sway from the original version.

The figure -

Medicom had been known to produce great figures but with questionable quality controls. Their release are fabulous especially when it come on anime featured figures. Notably Japanese company does what they do best - anime sculpting. 

This Chun-Li figure was great , matter of fact I fell in love with her at first-sight !!! 

Articulation on her was great but not marvelous as Cool Girl. The proportion are relatively small compare to regular 1/6 femfigs. In which is true to her size. Her muscular thigh was sculpt beautifully which is true to the game character. 

She only comes with an additional pair of hand and a standard clear stand. This maybe another over-priced figure but I felt was totally worth it. I can't stop playing with her - YES you heard me right - I actually hug her while sleep !!!

She can perform almost any (logical) pose in the game and of course some other kung-fu art poses. My only gripe is that she can't really stand on herself without an aid of a stand. 

Other then that - I have no complain at all.

more to come...


TeeCare said...

Hohoho~~like tis chun-li~~ even "she" just stayed 2 nights at my house~~ :P

Anonymous said...

Medicom's female RAH has (argubly) better and more points of articulation than CG 2.0 except for less ability of the waist bending further to the back. The plastic skeleton under the rubber torso is truly good engineering/design. Improper tightening of screws on the joints on the Medi., may limit what the body is capable of.

Courtney said...

"YES you heard me right - I actually hug her while sleep !!!" ===> Ah, yes! That's just like me and my Medicom Young Indiana Jones (River Phoenix)RAH. I sleep in bed with him every night. I'm a regular blood donor and been bringing him to blood drives with me too. He's my precious baby and I can't survive without him. <3 I fell in love with him at first sight too!