Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[TUTORIAL] Cheap DIY 1/6 custom patch

Sick and getting tired with those evil-bay seller charges premium prices on such a tiny bit of stuff while you can actually have/do it with a laughable cost ?

Some sifu may have discovered this method ages ago. While this was actually discovered by my missus . This a cheaper easier way to add attention to details on your mandollies.

It rather easy actually - no need visual aids these time.

1. You need a to find yourself those patches you wanted on the internet. Don't worry about the resolutions but make sure its clear. 

2. You need a photo editting software (of your own choice) i.e Photoshop,Paint.net or even Paint Brush !!!

3. Cropped / resized the your desire patches to 1/6 size. Use you own logic here else no one can help you.

4. Test printout on black but with a better resolution setup. - This is to ensure your patch size and details <- at least visible

5. After everything A-ok, proceed with the color setup using the highest end printing setup.

6. Once printed out. Use a double-sided tape to tape and cover all the area of the printed area.

7. Cut out the shape of your patches accordingly , peel off the double-sided tape and stick it on your figure. 

8. Voila - your done

Note : - Works even better on a highend printer as the patches will be so damn clear. Do so only if you have a complicated patches such those SEAL TEAM patches.

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