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Soldier Story - SEAL Team 10 (ST10)

Another review of mine on the rising star among 1/6 names. Soldier Story had actually being around for quite sometime now but under the moonlight shadow of the notorious Hot Toys (HT).
In fact their release was great even 2 years back but because of their limited release, high pricing and less confident from 1/6 citizens. They do not have the chance to shine until lately (2008-2009). They have been swarming with release with the most overwhelming was the CIA SAD night operators - which was an instant sold-out and still most sort after until today with increasing value by the day.

Here, we have SEAL Team 10 which I must say "one of the best sculpt by Soldier Story (SS)". The likeliness of this head sculpt almost 2nd to none. If you can figure out who the heck is that face - you either never ever own a T.V. or you have just arrived from Mars. Yes- that's Brad Pitt !!!

A few bunch of collector still said Hot Toys are great with their sculpts which I do agree - think again with those talented sculptor like Yulli & Kojun (just to name a few). They are in totally different standard now and how often they sculpt those great heads on military releases ?

My opinion stay with Soldier Story. They slowly gain fans and confidence through hard work and now they have prevailed.

This release the SEAL Team 10 is a sellout as well - at least locally. The gears and accessories are abundant. My previous review on SS USMC MSOB was the latest release. This set was released another set before SS SFOD-D.

Let check out the details of this figure with me.

Packaging : As standard package with 2 flap box with armaments on the left and accessories on the right while center hold the figure and other larger gears such as vest and helmets. The design or box-art are well done.

Body : SS utilises the S2 bodies. The articulations are great and the joints are stiffer then the old S1 bodies (ala BBi G3). It featured 2 sets of bare hands. A standard and bendable hands. Both can be gloved but the bendable hands able to mimics a real-life hand gestures.

What I personally don't like the S2 bodies are the neck joints. Limited posing aside, but the head pops out too easily!!! Hope SS can mend this soon.

Outfits: This features a tri-color (desert camouflage) design with a newly designed Combat Shirt. The size are spot on - not too tight - not too loose. The pants are little baggy but it is how it should be and it actually works wonder. This set comes with a leather boots and clothed gloves which seems to be a standard of Soldier Story nowadays.

Comes with a slightly greenish shemagh which is a plus since seldom release feature such cloth now.

The leather boots can be better as it still look toy-ish to me. The gloves featured the overused MechaniX gloves which we had seen in several releases already.

Gears : Featuring another variation (color) CIRAS vest which some 1/6 citizens been grinding their teeth (how can they ever be satisfied). The details on the vest are spot on and the pouches are nicely done. The molle straps are heavenly although it doesn't look like the real thing but it is easy to apply and setup rather then the nightmarish Hot Toys'.

Armaments : Another release another M4 rifle with different color variation. This set comes with a desert color M4 with a suppressor. Gimmicks are of standard high-end 1/6 rifles and the scale is accurate. The only problem is the my suppressor doesn't fit the nozzle/barrel which is suppose to - hence in need to mod to make it fit. The front grip featured a sliding bi-pod which are too loose and flimsy. The lens and torch cover too are little loose. Aside these tiny flaw - it's still a great rifle. 

The sidearm featured a P226 pistol which most SEAL fanatic would love to see. Comes with a platform holster which you can choose to store ammo clip or other smaller stuff.

Again, this release doesn't provide enough magazines or pistol clip for all the pouches. Which is a big let down so as other sets too.

Accessories : Tiny bits of accessories can be found here. It's standard as of other releases. The usual stuff. But the head-light does requires a bit of a challenge. You need to make a hole on the helmet in order to fit them OR you need to cut the nips on the torch and glue it on the helmet for good. For me, I did neither.. hahaz.

Overall I'd see improvement on Soldier Story releases. Being the 2nd full box set from them (1st was the CIA SAD) and what even shocking is that I seldom display a figure out from the box as they are. I always tend to  change they way they look or totally break apart the parts and bashes something else.

Aside as the small flaws , this is indeed a A-grade set. This set is so good that I refuse to pose it too much and admire the great setup of SEAL while my missus admire the head sculpt.

Official Released Promotional Images
Official released specs
- Desert BDU(Modified Version)
- Desert Inner Belt
- Desert Utility Belt
- Mud 6094A Assault Vest
- Mud Triple M4+Pistol Magazine Pouch       
- Mud Double M4+Pistol Magazine Pouch    
- Mud Double M4 Magazine Pouch  
- Mud Rectangular Utilities Pouch
- Mud MBITR Radio Pouch
- Green PTT Pouch
- Mud Double Grenade Pouch
- Desert Fabric Knee Pads
- Desert/Black Scarf
- Mud Utilities/Medic Thigh Pouch
- Desert Boots
- Khaki Bulletproof Vest
- Green Cartridge Recovery Pouch
- Green Water Bottle Pouch
- Green Night Vision Carry Pouch
- Mud Fattie WL Multi Purpose Pack
- Black (Zebra) Gloves
- Shoulder Patches
- CQC Weapon Sling
- Desert MICH2000 Helmet+Night Vision Mount+Night Vision Goggles.
- Torch Light
- MICH SYSTEM Earphones
- MBITR Radio Set
- Assault Knife
- Watch
- Mud CQC Holster
- P226 Pistol
- Pistol Magazines 3+1
- Hand Grenades X2
- M4 CASV Rifle
- Silencer
- M4 Magazines 3+1
- Plastic Cuffs X4
- Cyalume Sticks X4
- Multi Purpose Tool x1 
- Hands X1Pair
- S2Body

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great review and nicely setup but i think you have your m4 scope the other way round.