Monday, May 4, 2009

[Tutorial] - BBi G3 buff 'em up

As promise to a fellow comrades, I here to demonstrate a simple yet effective way to buff up BBi G3 / Soldier Story S1 bodies.

As they are the cheapest among the most articulated bodies, they are preferred choice among 1/6 bashers. But then, the bodies design are abit too much out of proportions especially on the abs  - chest - thigh (in-seems) areas.

Some may think its not important on such issues since those are are usually covered by 1/6 clothing or gears. But I beg the differ. It won't look natural.

This tutorial are solely made by myself based on my own experiences and judgements as well as method found similar over the net.

To start of this tutorial, you'll need items such as:-
1. Duct-tape
2. Wad of cottons
3. Scissors
4. Tweezers
5. Protective foams

Some may wonder, what the heck is that protective foams. You can easily get those you purchases of your rig (if you still keep those boxes) in those motherboard or graphic cards boxes. Another alternatives is get it from IT shops since they have loads of supplies with them.

FYI, Very Hot boxset too have these pads inside their box. Recycle !!!

and of course the body !! Picture shown is a Soldier Story S1 body which is 99% identical with BBi G3 bodies.

Here's a sample figure that I have not apply padding you will note the difference at the end of this tutorial.

Notice that the gap in between his leg/crotch. Try stand up and see if you yourself have any of those gap. If so, you either have a huge ball or just too skinny which NO military institution would recruit you.

This is an actual BBi G3 (knock-off ver.) body. Notice the straight and slender part of his thigh ?? that's isn't normal eh ? This where this tutorial to the rescue !!~~

Cut the protective foams in to shape (use your logic of the size). Wrap around the inner part of the thigh (in-seems) and leave the outside with padding.

Of course use the duct-tape to secure them in place. Please do not use a double-sided tape as your will have a "fun-time" removing them. You're WARNED !!

Repeat the same thing on the other leg (thigh) ,again - use your own logic please ~~

WOW!! Look at those abs. This only exist in MR.Universe show or cartoons/animes or even comics. Sum it up, fantastically fantasy body !! 

Cut a foam and place it around the abs. Apply the same method as you did on the thigh. But there's a catch. Here, my figure is wearing a t-shirt. So I need not to tape them around the abs. Because if you DID tape them, you will limits the articulations of that area. Just cover them with your clothes or improvise with you own method.

This how it look, after those pads we're applied.

You must have been wondering what the heck with those cottons eh ? So here it is now.

Most tactical pants will have a khaki pockets. Fill those cottons to make it to have a loose hanging looks.

Use a tweezers to stuff the pockets. Unless you have a tiny fingers - you may have it your way then.

After you've stuff those cottons. Clip the tweezers and push down the cottons so that it will only fill up the lower portion on the pocket.

Another angle of pushing down the cottons.

This how it looks like after everything are applied.

The final say is yours. Still notice the gap in the middle now ?

Hope this tutorial help. Please leave your shares and comments so that we can have a better way to tackle this.


KyronX said...

great tips and it really helps alot. thank you for your guidance.

KyronX - peaceout

NERDPRIDE aka crazychildren said...

glad it could help. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

great tips, thx