Sunday, July 12, 2009


finally took me enough guts to pull off this Nam era bashes. Didn't quiet finish with it yet therefore the blurry teaser pics. Veteran bashers alike might recognise those HS I used but I ain't gonna stick with them.

They served as a picture of what I'm gonna bash later on. Most of the parts are readily available on hands. All need to be done are weathering and tickering with those details.

Searching for those NAM parts were hellish !!! Since 1/6 parts now mainly focus on modern warfares or old skool - WW2.

Korean war to Vietnam War got my interest but those parts just - geeeezzzz...

Researching was fun, I'm aiming to bash this figures to be as accurate as possible witht he correct timeline and all. What I've learn on Nam War, was US military actually experimented alot on the equipments and gears which leads to so many different type of setup on different units.

Best were SEALs, they're free to use whatever they want as long as they get the jobs done !!

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