Sunday, July 12, 2009


First timer on repaint and touch-up stock CY Girl faces. Still practicing using some simple down to earth method of my own. Here a comparison of before and after of the faces/headsculpts/paints.

repaint these heads isn't actually that hard. All you need are determinations and abit of a steady hand. Of course - expectation should be put to the minimum as a newbie on this.

Im using Gunze Gundam Real Touch Marker for paints. They have fine tips and easily removeable when you made errors. What I've learned that even error can be undo but ttry to keep it to the minimum.

As before you start repainting, you need to use Cutex (nail polish remover) to remove the original paints. Maybe due to the residue still left on the face - combined with the Real Touch Marker the paint kinda stick. Even you try to remove the paint using Cutex again - stain still visible.

It is advisible to rub off the head after your Cutex steps/process using a fine brush with water. Leave it dry for at least over night. It maybe a fluke discovery for me.

Everything still experimental here.


Tay Hwah said...

Jack. u did a fantastic job repainting the gals. Time to start repainting the guys. :D

NERDPRIDE aka crazychildren said...

thanks bro... took quite a while to muster enough balls to attempt this. hope can improve more in this since i've stop bashing figures and back to my basic - FEMFIGS